Jake Shears - Last Man Dancing

Voices with Kylie...whew!

This is a great album that, despite heavy radio play for the singles on Radio 2, feels like it's going to be overlooked?
Diving in now since my vinyl hasn’t arrived! Did anyone have Do The Television as part of the album up until release date on Apple Music?
The album is a fun ride. Voices and Radio Eyes are the standouts for me, but it’s a solid album throughout.
A sequel to Night Work it is not though - that album is truly next level.
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I actually think this is a bit of an instant classic. Every single track hits the spot for me. I really hope it does well for him.
Whew Jake really said "We are going to DANCE" with this album. Father delivered.
One of the best things is that he delivered a 13 track album where 8 of the tracks are 4+ minutes. Voices is such an amazing track, Kylie sounds lush on it. Title track is giving my major ABBA vibes. Nothing on here feels like less than an 8 for me, except maybe 8 Ball and that's only because mainly instrumental tracks do nothing for me.
3 days in & this has smashed its way into being my album of the year so far. it’s an absolute majestic ride that just doesn’t let up for a single moment which is something I’ve been looking for in a good album for a long time, I hear so many Scissor Sisters moments scattered throughout the record, which totally makes sense and very welcome. He should be so proud of this album, it feels like a future classic.
I adore the album, but can't find the credits?

Did Boys Noize produce the second half, it sounds like them.
Here they are…