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Jake Shears (Solo Album, out now!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Yeah I love Jake and have been looking forward to his solo record but none of this is quite working for me sadly.
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  2. It's like he's taken the few things I don't like about Scissor Sisters and created a solo career out of it. The honky tonk, the incredibly tired Tom of Finland "sexy" looks (guys, there's more to gay culture than mustaches and leather.)

  3. Musically, he should have gone down the SSION ‘O’ route.

    I could definitely hear him singing ‘At Least The Sky Is Blue’ and ‘Comeback’.
  4. I swear the combo "thick mustache + no beard" will never look sexy to me. Oh well.
  5. I always liked the Scissor Sisters honky tonk stuff, but there used to be much better tunes.
  6. I agree, but I read his biography and he admits that he really doesn't know what he is doing when it comes to costume so I blame whoever is styling him. As far as the music, I'm glad he's using live instruments and it's not going to be a EDMess.
  7. See, I actually do think honky tonk and Tom Of Finaland totally suit Jake and I enjoy those elements coming from him, but it's the songs that are not the tea.

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  8. He sounds like he is making more "band with live instruments" music than when he was with Scissor Sisters. Like, Jake, sweetie, gimme the sequel to Night Work, but even more gay and electronic please and thank you.
  9. They probably do. I'm just bored with them.
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  10. Just...get Jake, Beth Ditto and Andy Butler, and have them whip up some soul-meets-new-wave-meets-SUPER-GAY supergroup iconness. And that's it, it's done, you have it.
  11. He's styled in such a way that looks uncannily like someone I've thirsted for in real life for years, so no qualms here. But the song sounds like an odd mix of "Let Your Love Flow" by the Bellamy Brothers and "Southern Nights" by Glen Campbell, as arranged for a 70s variety hour. I'm guess I'm simultaneously good with that, but also, "yeah, sure, OK?". There's only so much pastiche can carry this, and I have the feeling the full song isn't going to go in any unexpected directions.
  12. I'm now picturing a gay millennial version of Rowan & Martin's Laugh In starring Jake Shears.

    But with gayz.

    And Goldie Hawn.
  13. Jake spent time in New Orleans where I believe the majority of the music for this was written, hence the live instrumentation bent. But this is also the type of music I believe he wants to make. Night Work is also my favorite, and I think the best over-all Scissor Sisters album, but it was born out of them scrapping the follow up to Ta-Dah, which sounded like... another Ta-Dah. (I caught one of their secret shows where they previewed tracks from it under the name Bridget Jones Diarrhea. Some of those tracks ended up on Magic Hour.)

    I just think this is the type of music he likes writing, singing, and performing. I saw his show in NYC where he previewed a bunch of the new material and really did like a lot of it. It's not forward-thinking like some of the best Scissor Sisters work but think a lot of it will be enjoyable.
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  15. It's surprising to me that they would have wanted to do a follow-up to Ta-Dah. I always thought the band wasn't terribly fond of it.*

    *As it should be, because it is by far their worst album.
  16. I've never heard they disliked Ta-Dah, just that it was a hard record to make as they were worried about the "sophomore slump" after the runaway success of their debut. They were nervous about it. And while the record wasn't as big as the debut, "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" was their biggest hit by far... which was very much in this vein of Elton-esque pop. (I mean... he even co-wrote it.)

    And then look at "Fire With Fire" being the first single and an anomaly on Night Work. It's the most Ta-Dah of the songs on that record.
  17. Jake hasn’t half the talent of SSION.....anyway shouldn’t even be comparing them! But you’re right about the music, it’s not the sound anyone was asking for.......or maybe just me. I’ve never liked their honky tonk hoedown tunes.
  18. Y'all really just hate live instrumentation huh?

    I doubt at this point dance music would be any more inspired than what were getting.
  19. That's what you got from the conversation?
  20. I'm pretty sure I've downloaded that torrent.
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