Jake Shears

Without rumor-mongering, I think most simply it seems that they had each outgrown the relationships—personally and creatively—that brought them together in the first place by the time they were feeling diminished returns on Magic Hour (save for Let’s Have a Kiki’s viral moment).

Ana and Jake seemed fine around the release of his book two years ago—including all mentions of the band in the book and press. Jake has been very transparent about his being difficult with his bandmates at multiple points during their career, but they’ve moved on and are proud of their work, and I think it can be that simple an answer to a question of “what happened.” Del also seems to be happy spending his time away from the music making machine. Meanwhile, Babydaddy continues to work with and without Jake as a musician/writer/producer. Honestly, they all seem like they’re in very good places.

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This...isn’t good. Sounds very synthetic, lacking depth.
I thought the exact same, I should like it but it just sounds empty, don’t like House either. Everything seems to be ticked this time except the actual songs.....or maybe it’s the production. I really like him and up until the last album I loved his music although the covers EP were pretty good.
I do wonder if we might’ve gotten an album (or at least a few more singles) last summer if Jake could’ve booked a tour or some Pride festivals. He seemed really excited to keep the ball rolling after the solo album, and Meltdown felt like a really exhilarating and promising return to dance pop.