Jake Shears

Is there something wrong with me if I'm reading it and not feeling what you guys are feeling?I'm like, ok cool.
I always appreciate Jake’s candor—his self-expression muscle is so strong and resilient, so I hope he continues to channel these fears and anxieties into his work.

I know the first solo LP wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the writing was so strong. The melancholy, meditative moments were the album’s best, and I think he’s still got so much more left in his tank than Sisters’ rehashes—as much as I adore them.
"Too Much Music" is out tomorrow with first play on Zoe Ball's Breakfast Show.

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  1. Too Much Music - 4:38
    Vaughn Oliver, Jason Sellards, Dominic Thomas & Ryland Blackinton
  2. Do The Television - 4:38
    Scott Hoffman, Vaughn Oliver, Jason Sellards & Ana Lynch
  3. Voices (feat. Kylie Minogue) - 4:26
    Kylie Minogue, Vaughn Oliver, Jason Sellards & Oliver Goldstein
  4. I Used To Be In Love - 3:28
    Alexander Ridha, Jason Sellards & Michael Cheever
  5. Really Big Deal - 2:52
    Jason Sellards & Stephen Oremus
  6. Last Man Dancing - 4:51
    Alexander Ridha, Jason Sellards & Michael Cheever
  7. 8 Ball (feat. Le Chev) - 4:30
    Alexander Ridha, Jason Sellards & Michael Cheever
  8. Devil Came Down The Dance Floor (feat. Amber Martin) - 3:44
    Alexander Ridha, Jason Sellards, Amber Martin & Michael Cheever
  9. Mess Of Me - 4:14
    Alexander Ridha & Jason Sellards
  10. Doses (feat. Big Freedia) - 2:54
    Alexander Ridha, Freddie Ross, Jason Sellard, Michael Cheever & Suzannah Powell PKA Boyfriend
  11. Radio Eyes - 5:29
    Alexander Ridha, Jason Sellards & Michael Cheever
  12. Diamonds Don't Burn - 4:19
    Jason Sellards & Michael Cheever
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