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Jamelia - Superstar: The Hits

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. Out 9th October. Discuss.
  2. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    On Parlophone?
  3. Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    Does she even have enough material to fill a greatest hits?

    1 - I Do
    2 - Money
    3 - Call Me
    4 - Boy Next Door
    5 - Bout
    6 - Superstar
    7 - Thank You
    8 - See It In A Boy''s Eyes
    9 - DJ
    10 - Stop
    11 - Something About You
    12 - Beware Of The Dog
    13 - No More
    14 - [[New Song]]
    15 - [[New Song]]
    16 - Numb [Linken Park Cover] - Bonus

    By God! The woman could easily fill one!
    To be honest, I never thought much of her except "Superstar" and "Beware..."
    Even to this day I''d argue Jamelia ever had a "proper" first album.
    Ever the international success.
  4. Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    I''m more excited about the return of Jewels and Stone as mentioned in your signature!

    I can''t see how this can do well. It''s unlikely that much money will be spent promoting it and I doubt Jamelia will do any promotion for it either.
  5. Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    Yes on Parlophone.
  6. Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    I don''t how if Jamelia has been dropped at all, because yesterday she performed on MTV MALAGA SUMMER FESTIVAL `07 (Spain) this August, so maybe she has somekind of deal with Parlaphone to release a Greatest Hits with new tracks before kick her ass out.

    Here is a link from Mtv.es and Malaga Festival:

    And the most FUNNY things comes with Jamelia''s description:
    Es uno de los mayores valores de la nueva cantera de vocalistas jóvenes y sobradamente preparadas del Reino Unido.

    Traslation (more or less): She is one of the biggest new young singers and very prepared artist from UK. XDXDXDXDXDXD
  7. Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    Is this Parlophone''s way of ending her contract without paying her off?
    If I was Jamelia right now, I''d be feeling pretty pissed.
  8. Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    Poor Jamelia. Parlophone really do suck.
  9. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    Not surprising - I figured this was their next move; but I thought she was already dropped though? Will she even bother promoting this or is it a budget collection?
  10. Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    I can see this doing very well.

    She''s well known and is still liked by and has the respect of the media and music press (despite her last albums performance) and she has no problem getting radio play or on your Saturday night prime-time shows. And she is that type of act where people might not buy an full album but like enough of her singles to buy a greatest hits package.

    All she needs is the right single and I reckon it''ll be pretty successful.
  11. Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    It could be a big "farewell full time career" thing with a killer single, and lots of promorion and hype, or, on the other hand, it could just as easily slip onto the Woolworths Budget Chart alongside Samanatha Mumba - "The Collection" without a second glance.
  12. Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    It''s called ''Superstar - The Hits''. The Linkin Park cover better be on it!
  13. Alfie

    Alfie Guest

    Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    I saw Jamelia on Richard and Judy doing a book review the other day. It was quite tragic and her fake south-east accent is hilarious.
  14. Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    Sadly that''s all past-tense now. Completely.

    True, but if it''s being released on Parlophone then there won''t be any single will there? They dropped her. This Greatest Hits is just fulfilling her contract.
  15. Steve

    Steve Guest

    If it is a full release, which it sounds like it is, I can see it doing quite well; people seemed to like Something About You and Beware Of The Dog, but didn''t want to commit to the whole album for whatever reason.
  16. Taking the piss ever so slightly with this aren''t they? No one was interested enough in the singles off the last album to buy it, and anyone who really liked Superstar or Thank You probably has that album already.
  17. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Not really - while her last singles might not have done too well on the charts, they got a lot of airplay so people will know them and might want the collection.
  18. This is Parlophone being greedy bitches trying to rinse & cash in from Jamelia. It''s terrible. They''re a mess.

    If I wasn''t such a hard supporter, I wouldn''t think twice about buying this mess.
  19. I''m surprised that''s coming out actually, Jamelia seemed to completely ignore all her singles before Superstar in her lives gigs (aside from Money and Call Me). If it''s a record company thing though, they''ll all be on it won''t they?

    Aah well, I''m sure it''d be a nice thing to have in a few years.
  20. Re: Jamelia - The Best Of...

    She wasn''t dropped, she just didn''t re-sign with them. She''s still under contract with them, which is why she''s doing gigs up and down the country still. I think the contract runs out in September.

    I doubt she''ll be promoting it either. I bet she''s not happy.
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