The UK general public failed her. “Beware of the Dog” should’ve been Her second #1 (with “See It In A Boy’s Eyes” should’ve being her first #1).

Depending on what metric you’re using (mine being some of the shit that Westlife, Busted and McFly got to the top of the charts during this era) then I Do, Money, Superstar and Thank You all should have been #1s too…
I was obsessed with Money then Call Me. I loved the Thank You album but I do think the ball was dropped somewhat by the time Walk with Me landed. It was a strong album but it felt almost too safe. Like they'd seen how popular Superstar was and Jamelia was trying to cater to that audience rather than her authentic self.
I can think of some really immense talent that should have been treated far better than they were, yet they're consistently forced out of the record industry and into the West End or obscurity. Jamelia, of course. Des'ree. Beverly Knight. Tasmin Archer. Princess. Kele Le Roc. Obviously, there are many more.

And everyone of these have some awesome songs. Glad I grew up in an era where I got to appreciate so many gems in real time.