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James Arthur

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by CaliforniaKing, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. I think he's maybe referring more to the people working behind the scenes who literally 'run the music industry'.
  2. People who work in the industry, behind-the-scenes. It's why nearly anyone homophobic in showbiz gets shut-out straight away.
  3. RJF


    You probably don't hear people mentioning Frank Ocean right now because his album came out over a year ago, he's already done the tour, released all the singles and is probably back in the studio for a second record. The wave of positive press he got around the time of his album release was lovely.
  4. And that the majority of people who buy pop music and go to pop concerts are probably gay
  5. Gayz and Gurlz.
  6. SBK


    Artists don't run the industry...

    I laugh out loud at your suggesting that 'no one' has heard of Frank Ocean since he came out... Those two grammys and the Brit award went unnoticed by everyone when he won them this year...?!
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  7. Fave
  8. He was already indicated to those awards and Orange was already a hit album when he came out. Look I am all for equality I didn't mean to sound critical or anything. Sorry if I did. I am not gay but my twin brother is so is far to say that the gay world is close to me and a big part of my life since we are always together. Where I live our awards are filled with successful openly gay and lesbians artists. We don't care much about that gay or not gay is old news tbh.

    Now talking about the big international picture ....I know most people who run the business in the sense of producing, styling, directing among several other areas are gay. I know the gay crowd is the one you want on your side. Look at Cher and Madonna having tours until today. That's what the gays give you as an artist: logenvity. I know all that. Also girls want to be or dress like the pop stars and such. That's why Rihanna has a clothing deal or KP. I know that too.

    When I said run the business I meant the big shots, sponsors and the general GP. We cant take NY or LA as a representation of USA because it's not. Middle America is very homophobic and a large, if not most, part of the profits/sales relays on them. Imagine if instead of licking that hammer Miley was licking a girl. Making out with a girl instead of a wrecking ball. That would for sure get banned and I hardly believe they would play the song on the radio after the video was out.

    It's a hypocrasy to say the certain markets and the industry is not homophobic. Look at the hypocrasy of Gaga making a career by defending gays while people like Jessie J ,who actually are gay, have to stay in the closet to have a career. Unfortunatelly until today people like James Arthur will get fans becaus of his rants. He will lose a couple too off course but he will also win others. Being a idiot can get you a career
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  9. He came out in the album booklet...

  10. Britney, Madonna, Xtina. MTV awards.
  11. SBK


    Paradise, I think you should do some research.

    You're trying to imply that the industry has turned on Frank since he came out, which, if you look at his achievements since he came out is not true.
  12. Never in a million years could I have guessed the James Arthur narrative over the last few weeks.
  13. He has apparently been diagnosed with 'exhaustion' and cancelled all forthcoming appearances. So, how long until it emerges he's in rehab?
  14. KAG


    I wonder how Scherzy feels about his homophobia and recent behaviour. I hope someone calls into Xtra Factor this weekend so we get her views. I'm actually surprised Rylan is backing him to be honest.
  15. Where is Rylan backing him?

    And yes I'd like to see the Nicole's views. I can't see anyone being on his side.
  16. SBK


    He was alright with him just after the rap battle, when James was reeling off a list of gay friends. He's not said much recently, wonder what he thinks about what he said to Lucy
  17. Rylan was really good friends with Lucy wasn't he? So I can't see him being overly impressed with James's behaviour.

    His team obviously think that a week out of the public eye will help, so I hope that in a weeks time when he's released upon the world again, something else crops up to ruin him further.
  18. Will Young has done alright for himself hasn't he? And Union J are doing ok-ish.

    He's got a UK ahead of him, I wonder if anyone will show up.

    It's a shame because I think his album in pretty darn good.
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  19. This is very true I couldn't have said it better myself.
  20. Adam Lambert actually scored a big international hit when he released a decent song...he flops because he insists on releasing some Rocky Horror/Glee messes Jeffree Star would be ashamed of.
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