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James Blake - Before

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SpanishEyes, May 22, 2011.

  1. TASTE!
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  2. Mile High will definitely end 2019 as one of my songs of the year. The whole album is flawless though. "Boring"? Nope!
  3. Stunning.
  4. Oh my GAWD - Power On & Don't Miss It just clicked for me today, and I was livinggggggggg.

    This is album of the year so far for me. Mr Blake really did that. Talk about progression. He got it SO SO SO right with this alberm. ASSUME FORM indeed.

    Poor those who do not get it.

    Case in point:


    5.8? Go fuck yourselves.
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  5. To all the people who were dying for the "Assume Form" vinyl: it's coming on May 10th and it includes a new track called "Mulholland."

    Why do artists not include bonus tracks on CDs too?
  7. I'm so fucking annoyed that I now have to travel for work next week and can't make his gig.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    ok I made a point to listen to this more at work and it's growing on me, Barefoot In The Park and I'll Come Too in particular really standout.
  9. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Barefoot in the Park is one of the best songs of the year. The way it builds and unravels is a masterclass in production, and they both sound so good blended together.
  10. Fuck me I'll Come Too is so fucking amazing.

    Everyday, I live with this alberm and the genius-ness of it all coming out of the cracks with every listen.

    The groove of Power On still lives inside me:

    "I thought sex was at my pace but I was wrong,
    I thought it mattered what I say, but I was wrong,
    I thought you were second place to every song,
    I thought you'd overstayed your welcome, I was wrong,
    Power on, power on."

    YAS, MUTHA BLAKE. What a triumph of an album. These lyrics. These productions.

    This deserves more pages and fans. It's ha big girl pop alberm, sorta.

    Edit: I'm dying to hear what Mulholland sounds like.
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  11. He was amazing at his London gig on Wednesday night. I was in tears at "Assume Form" (the song). There was also a song I hadn't heard before, "Loathe to Roam", which he's been performing for over a year... really hoping this sees a release.

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  12. RJF


    He's been boring to me for so long but this new album is brilliant. Properly technicolour and oddly... joyful? His previous releases always felt a little cold and 2D. This feels so warm and fully realised from the moment you press play. It's been getting a lot of play from me recently.
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  13. Where the Catch is in my top 3 songs of the year
  14. I saw him on Wednesday as well. Top-notch show. He started dead on 9PM too. Punctual king!

    The new album currently factors heavily in my rotation. Every song feels essential and rewards repeated listening. I ... still can't pick a favourite. Stacking the setlist with Assume Form tracks was a good move. (No shade to his previous albums.)
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  15. I'm glad to hear this. Seeing him live in May and I want to hear ALL of the songs from Assume Form live with some old nuggets in between.

    I still love this alberm so so so so much.
  16. Mulholland is out

  17. Wow. I love it.
  18. I could probably have done without Mulholland teebs. It's irritating and overly repetitious. Definitely the worst (only bad) song on the album.
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