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One of those 'I feel like I just watched the whole movie' trailers.
Exactly that. I legitimately knew nothing about Blue Beetle other than what he looked like. Now I don't even feel like I need to watch the movie.

And it looks like it was intended for streaming. I know it was, and it got bumped up, but it just doesn't look like a theatre movie.
The Penguin really is one of the more fascinating members of Batman's rogue gallery for me. The crime boss angle is done a lot in Gotham centric stories but something about Oswald makes them even more interesting,
He was a highlight in 'The Batman'. While we have gotten a lot of versions of Gotham City, it keeps on being an fascinating fictional world and solid setting for storytelling. I'm waiting for The Poison Ivy to appear in this universe though.

I've started watching 'Gotham' for the first time. I'm only halfway season 1 and I'm quite enjoying it. I hope it stays good. Jada Pinkett Smith was having a blast playing Fish.

So, those cameos at the end of The Flash...

While I think a lot of us just assumed it was Bale's Batman, it actually seems like it's Clooney after all. And Grace Randolph just tweeted that there's also a Superman cameo that's "retro", just for fun and not Cavill. So, Tom Welling, Dean Cain or Brandon Routh I assume?
This is the only general DC thread I know of so I'm just gonna post this here.
I recently finished The Batman animated series, and I absolutely loved it. Low-key just as much as the 90s animated series. I'm not sure if I'm gonna watch either of the follow-ups, but I'm really excited for Caped Crusader.

I've also been watching Justice League: Unlimited and loving it. I'm on season 2 and am enjoying learning more about heroes I don't know much about or have much interest in.

I gotta get back to watching Batman Beyond too.

Oh and I'm really enjoying season 4 of Titans. Since it'll be their last, I hope it'll be the best season.
We’re about at the start of the press cycle for The Flash, I admit I’m curious about how this is going to go down.
Same. I think the first screening is Tuesday next week, so all the spoilers will be out there after that.

But I'm very curious about Ezra's presence/lack thereof over the next couple of months.
It does LOOK good but how'll it'll eventually turn out is another story. What sucks is that everything will probably leak because of CinemaCon. The first movie in a while that I went totally blind into was Dungeons & Dragons and was totally surprised at how good it was. I especially loved the cameos that I had no idea about. It's going to be hard to stay away from spoilers of the Flash but I'll try my best.
Again and again, the Ezra part is so unfortunate, because it looks like a genuine blockbuster, and it’d be nice to just take in the fun without this bad aura hanging over it.

I don’t know that the general public will care though, I think the question there is more one of superhero fatigue.
For those interested in Flash spoilers, here is some stuff I found that may be true. Normally I wouldn’t want to know for a film like this, but Ezra has soured me on it so I don’t mind knowing.

There will be cameos using archive footage of Helen Slater’s Supergirl, Christopher Reece’s Superman, Adam West’s Batman and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. I believe I read the tv show Flash, Teen Titans Go and Stargirl also appear in the same way.

New filmed cameos include Nicholas Cage as Superman fighting a spider, George Clooney as Batman and a final appearance for Cavill and Gadot as Superman and Wonder Woman. [/spoiler{
Well, early reviews from CinemaCon are phenomenal, for whatever that’s worth.
They're largely good, but there's a lot of negative ones too. It's way more mixed than I was expecting as this audience is ready made for it. I expected it to be wall-to-wall "10 out of 10". It ranges from "one of the best superhero movies ever" to "absolutely awful".

I've seen quite a few that call the last hour a total mess, with it being just back to back fan service, with terrible writing and it makes no sense at all. Sounds like the result of them binning the original ending, then having to throw in all the new "cameos" that fill time but have nothing to do with the story.
Seeing that The Flash is getting great reviews I just can't at people starting to find some redeemable things about Ezra (talking about their mental health and how it's good that they are starting to heal their mental health so we should be compassionate to him), so they can sleep at night knowing they are hyping a movie with a groomer.
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I'm also not thrilled at everyone wiping the slate clean for Ezra. The lack of consequence is staggering. Yes, they have serious mental health issues that need to be addressed and worked on. But their behaviour and some specific actions were appalling and should never be excused.

I can say that it looks like Ezra gives a very good performance here, and I've said before they're a very talented actor. But none of that should give a free pass. But I think it's becoming clearer that a lot of fans are just disregarding it all because they're desperate for the movie to succeed, which is just mindblowing to me.