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Looks like they’re starting to cast Superman. I’m more nervous / excited for the Lois casting than anyone else!! Rachel Brosnahan would be my pick from the above crew because I think she has the most … bite, but none are jumping out at me. Emma and Samara don’t feel right for the role at all.

Love her usually, but I stand by the fact that Amy Adams was a massive miscast. Just totally wrong for the role, as excellent as she usually is. The role was also very badly written. Kate Bosworth was genuinely quite brilliant in hindsight in my opinion. I do still lament the lost trilogy we could’ve had with her and Brandon at the helm because they were both great.

I’m still a bit apprehensive about Gunn’s Superman. I just really want a sincere, beautifully shot, art-deco-filled Superman movie with a strongly realised Metropolis. I want the Superman version of The Batman. And Gunn’s films so far have just been a bit … silly. I like them, but I’m not sure the tone is right for Superman.

I was rewatching The Incredibles recently, and the first twenty minutes of that would kinda be my moodboard for a new Superman movie.

Are the Guardians silly characters in the comics? I trust that Gunn will know that Superman needs to be bright and optimistic but ultimately earnest, especially after the shitstorm that was the Snyder films.
The third Guardians film was the best of the trilogy and I feel like had a tone that would work for Superman (minus the sadder stuff that won't be needed in Superman) so I think Gunn can do it. Hopefully.
Are the Guardians silly characters in the comics? I trust that Gunn will know that Superman needs to be bright and optimistic but ultimately earnest, especially after the shitstorm that was the Snyder films.
Not always, I feel like with a lot of the Marvel comics, they now reflect more of what happens on screen and so we have sillier Guardians. The team we see in the movies only dates back to 2008, before than the team was from the 31st century and more serious.
This Summer is already looking to have some high profile underperformers (Little Mermaid, Indy 5, Transformers and Oppenheimer will be pretty dicey break even points)and I'm in no doubt this will be top contender for a rough rife.
Oppenheimer is going to be rated R and nearly 3 hours long. I don’t think Universal are expecting it to bring in loads but I wouldn’t rule it out for crossing half a billion.
The utterly ludicrous praise pieces for Ezra are so gross. And to use the word "professional"? What a joke. There are so many stories of how difficult, disrespectful and abusive Ezra has been on different sets.

Lots of reports that the advanced tickets sales and tracking on The Flash are absolutely abysmal, and I feel quite bad for saying that I'm glad about that. I would never usually will a movie to fail. There are countless other people working on the movie whose careers depend on successes and continuous work, and it's not their fault Ezra is such a disaster. But I also just couldn't stomach seeing all the stories about Ezra's redemption, and how they're turning it around and how much money the studio would throw at a sequel etc.

I was interested in watching the movie, but I've read so much about it and I'm so put off by Ezra, that I just don't feel like I've got any motivation to see it anymore.
An expose needs to drop right before the movie is released. I wonder who has the gall?!

Then you’ll be happy to know the tracking is coming in way below expectations!
I mean, I feel for everyone else in the cast / crew who isn’t jerking off to Ezra, but honestly, the brain worms at all this positive PR for him. They should’ve just emphasized Keaton’s Batman and Supergirl instead. Hell, they spoiled a cameo so might as well focus on that too.
I feel bad mostly for Sasha Calle and Michael Keaton, but it sickens me how they’re handling the Ezra situation. All of the cases quietly going away and then to make the promo tour a sympathy tour for them is sick. No accountability for *years* of disturbing behavior.

I also can’t forget the wonderful cast and crew of Batgirl who by all accounts had a blast filming their movie and they couldn’t even get a VHS release.

Now don’t get me wrong, I will see The Flash (not opening weekend), but they could’ve handled this so much better.
I…actually don’t think Ezra’s antics have had any effect on actual public interest in this. They’re not a household name/the press didn’t seem to really reach true mainstream outlets (that I saw), and people are evidently just a bit tired of current DC. I do think promo was affected / altered due to Ezra but not by much. Nobody’s checking for these movies right now.
I think that's true. The Ezra stories didn't break through to the GP at all. Which is fine for them, but makes it even more frustrating. Any other slightly more famous actor attached to all of that, wouldn't be working right now.
Pre judging all the geeks I follow on instagram who piled on anyone for looking at the Hogwarts but are happy to buy a ticket to this mess. . . I know it's a little more nuanced than that but I want to sniff out the virtue signallers.

I'm also kind of baffled by how this is basically being marketed as 'Into the Batverse' with Affleck and Keaton more prominently shown than Ezra.