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Jane McDonald as song of the day

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Smoke My Cigar, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Seriously?!

    Okay...actually the clips not too bad but it's not a patch on Charlotte from Sex And The City's drunken take on it!
  2. I adore Jane McDonald! I never thought I'd see the day when see gets a mention here!
  3. Oooh it's her off of Loose Women! I like her, she's ballsy.
  4. I like Jane as a person but I'd generally rather listen to Paris Hilton 'Live & Unplugged' than listen to Jane sing.

    That Christmas single she released years back was SHOCKING.

    I did like that 'Doctor's Orders' clip though...eek!
  5. Also love the sound of her mum who records Corrie for her when she's away.
  6. Jane's mint! I love her. Good proper Northern bird.
  7. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    This is so a Girls Aloud new single teaser/quiz/mystery kinda thing.
  8. I thought the same thing, we had Desmund TuTu for the 'Jumping on my tutu' line from 'SKO', so maybe the new songs got 'Doctors Orders' in the lyrics.

    I'm either clutching at straws or it's a VERY SLOW news day!
  9. pdf


    The original by Carol Douglas is a disco classic.

    This is good but woulda been better done in a similar stylee.

    Gotta love er.
  10. I'm at work so can't hear the clip but I'm guessing it's a cover of the old disco hit? The PWL mix of Lisa Carter's version is awesome with one of the best spoken intro's ever and I also like Sabrina's "take" on it... Is Jane's quite dancey then?
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    What PWL mix of Lisa Carter's version???? Gimme Gimme, erm info!
  12. Jane also happens to be a comic genius, her yorkshire accented one liners are immense.
    I do however have a tendendcy to defend the cultural relevance of Loose Women a bit too much mind.
  13. I'm not sure it was ever released in the UK but it's very PWL 1989 sound, very Pete Hammond ie very fab with a comedy spoken intro.

    You should be able to track it down on the internet fairly easily. Good luck, you'll love it!
  14. And we had Phil Collins '2 Hearts' as a teaser for Kylie. Girls Aloud doing something doctor-y. *Prays for Chain Reaction-esque video*
  15. Jane is indeed comedy.

    This coming out via her own label bless her (through a deal with Absolute).

    She should just go the whole hog and bring out a dance album. Jane McDonald - Confessions On A Studiofloor. Imagine that!
  16. Feat. Carol McGiffin on backing vocals.
  17. With Carol's involvement she could perhaps reel in 1/4 of McFly and do a "ballsy" pop-rock record. Jane's interpretation of Please, Please anyone?
  18. And the holy goddess Coleen please!

    Jane should cover a Dannii song. 'Put The Needle On It' perhaps. Oh, can you imagine that?!
  19. I'd play the record backwards looking out for subliminal advertisement for Iceland.
  20. I have the sudden urge to buy a £3 prawn ring - and I don't even eat seafood!
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