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Jane Weaver - Flock

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bonnieetclyde, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. Thanks for making this thread!

    I have to listen to this album some more times but "Stages of Phases" immediately made me think of Eurovision Song Contest. Guess that crossed my mind because of the upbeat melody.
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  2. Some of this album remind me of Goldfrapp-meets-Bananarama-meets-Annie. Or is it just me?
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  4. I really do!
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  5. Sadly I am too young for Bananarama, but I had a listen to some of their songs now and I get all of those comparisons.

    It is cool that Jane's album seems to be doing well in the UK.
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  6. I hope this album does well for her. I don't really know her but seems she's never had an album chart before and this *might* go top 10 by Friday!

    The production on this really is great.
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  7. Reminds me of some of their stuff from their Drama album:

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  8. This album sounds identical to the band Broadcast. Like eerily similar!

    It's got a bit more of a pop edge though which is appreciated.
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  9. I haven’t heard ‘Flock’ yet as I’m waiting on it as part of a bigger order of records but can say Jane’s last couple of albums have been excellent, and yes in that Broadcast/Stereolab vein.
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  10. I've ordered this on vinyl. It gets better with each listen.
  11. I discovered Jane through the Tim Peaks compilation and became obsessed with Slow Motion. The whole Modern Kosmology parent album is a left-field pop masterpiece.

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  12. Sadly she missed the top 10. I’m guessing due to streaming

  13. Why did I read Jane as Jackie at least 3 times ?! Hahaha
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