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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nevergoback, Apr 19, 2008.

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    I think she's quite amazing! Kind of a soul version of Princess Superstar - with a message. She's signed to bad boy through her own label.
  2. I think I accidentally ended up seeing her live at my school.

    Which is all kinds of weird.

    But she put on quite a killer live show, still.
  3. I think I love everything about her. Except maybe how hard it is to actually buy her music.

    From her Myspace:
    As far as I can tell (and I would love if someone corrected me), they are not supplementing this exciting new business model with a traditional physical/download release.
  4. I think what happened was the first movement was available locally (atlanta) and online. But that was before you signed to Bad Boy. So I'm assuming that they didn't bother pressing anymore once she signed to them, or something like that, but that in the future her music will be much more accessible.

    I really want to own it because it's such a good like EP, but oh well.
  5. Ditto.

    Thanks for clearing that up, I was getting more and more confused the more I read.
  6. I'm reviving this thread so I don't have to carry on talkng about Miss Monae in the VV Brown thread.

    I love this, even if the release schedule is slightly confusing. I love the 4 EP concept, but the special editions now she's on Bad Boy might mess things up slightly. It's on iTunes, anyway. Will we get a big special album edition of "Metropolis" at the end of the run? I certainly hope so. I'd like to get the physical EPs, but being in the UK it looks like that's going to be an expensive process.
  7. After reading this thread, listening to her previews.

    i have thus ordered the EP off amazon.

  8. Hooray. Yes she is totally amazing and actually worthy of attention. I think the EP thing has been ditched and they're just going with one big album thing next year.

    UK can expect her January on Atlantic as far as I know.

    Her & VV sound nothing alike. VV is all rock n roll influenced whereas this is all futuristic, mental space age sounding.
  9. Yeah, I'd say they've got their different sounds, but alike ideas if that makes sense.

    I like the rockabilly thing VV's got and the....Andre 3000-thing Janelle has. Although I think her music's a bit more interesting than what Andre's been doing recently.
  10. So what's happening here? Is the album proper in Spring 2009 but before the EP release schedule has been completed?

    The video is immense, though it concerns me that with so much money poured into it there seems to have been very little US success.

    Any information? I believe her EP or her album got coverage on the NME stereo sidebar a few weeks ago... UK releases?
  11. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    I like her. A Lot.
  12. Just come across this lady and I'm VERY IMPRESSED.
  13. She is quite brilliant. 'Many Moons' is one of my top 10 songs of the year. Hopefully she can do something here next year.
  14. Yeah i love Many Moons too... the video is spectacular!
  15. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    Grammy Nominee!
  16. I absolutely love Sincerely Jane, and Many Moons is great too. I can see the merit in these 'suites' but I think it'd be a shame if she didn't make an album - she certainly doesn't seem short on ideas and I really think she could make it work.
  17. I watched Janelle play an early evening set at SXSW on Saturday and she blew me away.
    The woman has so much onstage energy that you can't help loving her.
    She went from performing a heart pulling version of Ray Quinn's (!) "Smile" to kung fu kicking and stage diving for the next number!
    There was a lot of buzz for the lady at SXSW, with her face appearing on the cover of the official SXSW magazine on the Friday.
    I imagine she's going to be huuuggggeee!
  18. Oh I certainly hope she's going to be huge. I still have no idea when her full-length album will be coming out, but I've played her EP to DEATH. Any news on the album?
  19. No, sorry.
    I knew nothing about her music till I saw her on Saturday.
  20. What the hell is Bad Boy doing with her? She is seriously amazing! I haven't seen an artist as talented, creative, quirky or unique as her in a long time.

    Love this remix
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