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Janelle Monáe - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nevergoback, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. According to her twitter she's in the studio recording still!
  2. This record is going to be immense. I'm getting tingly all over!
  3. The lovely Janelle on Saturday...

  4. Not music-related, but I'm one episode away from finishing Homecoming and I love Janelle in this. I recommend the show and even if you didn't watch S1, I think S2 will still make a lot of sense. Another great thing about this show is that the episodes are less than 25 minutes and there are only seven episodes!
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  5. I was coming to post about it! Stunning cover.
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  6. She is the alpha... the omega... the one
  7. Listening The Electric Lady at the moment. How would it feel to have three classic albums?.
  8. Looks like Janelle is part of the Glastonbury archive weekend on the BBC. I'm guessing it's the set from last year? If so then I highly recommend it if you've not seen it. It's superbly filmed and Janelle is obviously incredible.

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  10. If America sneezes, the black community gets pneumonia. She has this way with words that just hits the mark so clearly.
  11. Dirty Computer didn't hit me like her previous albums did, still liked it nonetheless.
    And I will never get tired of singing praises to The ArchAndroid, that album will always move me to the last fiber of my body. I believe it is *THE* best album from the last decade.
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  12. I would die if she releases new music. The space aesthetic is a total yes.
  13. I want a new album!
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