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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nevergoback, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. The emojis make this seem music related - I wonder if it's a track for Antebellum given it's out in 10 days?
  2. It's a song for the Stacey Abrams documentary, I think?

  3. I'm loving all these rockets and space-indicative quotes and elements.
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  4. It's out today.
  5. Not a bad track at all, just makes me want a new album even more.
  6. She snapped. I need a new full length project from her soon. I’m still wondering what was up with her clearing her IG and posting those mysterious images about a year or so ago.
  7. Hands dirty, mind clean
    A different vision with a new dream, uh
    We kickin' out the old regime
    Liberation, elevation, education


    This is great.
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  8. It has to be said. She was absolutely amazing in Antebellum, it being her first lead role. She carried that movie with such ease. She's a star on all fronts.

    A shame it came and went without much fanfare and was not well received. I actually loved it and have seen it twice now.
  9. The Electric Lady is one of the albums featured in the Quirky Pop Rate: Sophomore, along with the second albums by PJ-favourite acts such as Marina & the Diamonds, Florence + the Machine and Lorde. Feel free to join!

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  10. me quickly checking this thread in hopes she was coming with new material soon

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