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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nevergoback, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. fff sorry about that

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  2. Dirty Computer is a great record, but it really doesn’t begin to compare with The ArchAndroid and Electric Lady. I am DESPERATE for the conclusion to the Metropolis saga.
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  4. I haven't listened to this album for ages. I need to correct that. One of the things with streaming and so much music we have available is that I just sometimes forget about albums. Back when I had CDs I could at least see the album sat on my shelf.
  5. I'm experiencing a similar fatigue at the moment, I keep adding albums to playlists and I'm overwhelmed!

    I'm a bit of a broken record with this, but would she hurry up and conclude the Metropolis saga already?
  6. I wonder how far off a new Janelle project is. She always seems to be working, and I guess her working with the Wondaland team for that performance is a good sign.
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  7. So the Metroplis story is in 7 parts, but we only have the first five? Are parts 6 and 7 going to be the next album? I listened to The Chase Suite, and then started The ArchAndroid right after and am absolutely loving it.
    Also, is The Audition worth a listen? Very curious about it.

  8. She's on the lineup for Bonnaroo in September, so hopefully that's a positive sign towards a new music project!?
  9. Lizzo has to be releasing as well if she's a headliner on Saturday. I would love to finally pop my Bonnaroo cherry but I'm honestly not sure even with vaccinations ramping up here in the US.
  10. Sam


    The Dirty Computer thread is locked (?!) so I’m here to say that the transition from Screwed to Django Jane is fucking FLAWLESS
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  11. Yeah, mods lock old album threads to keep conversation more focused in general or new album threads.

    Also, yes it truly is.
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  12. Why is Givin Em What They Love still not on Spotify?
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  13. Another major film project for her:

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  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    So this is why my BFF is dragging her in iMessage dddddd
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  15. Get that money and exposure, queen!
  16. Dirty Computer is a sonic masterpiece. It sounds so fucking GOOD.
  17. I actually really like the new song. It seems to be a tie in to a Netflix show so my expectations were low but its cute.
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