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Janelle Monáe, Icon - Dirty Computer (LP #3)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Pynk is such a fucking monster, YAS
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  2. there's problematic people and then there's the co-writer and producer of this Extraordinarily Bad Decision
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  3. RainOnFire

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    Pharrell is terrible. I'll never forget the interview he did a while ago where he said people don't give white singers with soulful voices a chance and then name-dropped Justin and Christina as examples (right, because Jazmine Sullivan/Andra Day/every black woman with a soulful voice gets every opportunity in the world). And there was that Oprah interview where he said he was part of "The New Black" generation which are essentially black people who don't blame the past on their issues today, and that it's not about their race but a "state of mind". He's awful and I don't understand why he doesn't get called out on his bullshit more often.
  4. I still remember being disappointed when I saw Pharrell turn down a fan asking for a selfie on the red carpet at the 2015 VMA's, he obviously didn't realise that he was being live streamed on their phones.
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  5. Ding ding ding bish.
  6. I can't get over how masterfully produced Pynk is!? Just perfect and Grimes' background vocals gives it that extra touch.

    The song goes OFF when you play it loud in the car.
  7. I prefer Pynk to the previous 2 songs.......
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  8. Well, Pynk is absolutely not what I expected. It's cute. It'll be the perfect soundtrack for a spring/summer drive with the windows down. It doesn't pack quite the same punch as Make Me Feel or Django Jane, but it makes up for that by being so... blissful?
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  9. This album is shaping up to be the musical equivalent of #wcw and I am perched't.
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  10. I want to listen to an instrumental of Pynk, it's so soothing.
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  11. Track 10 - I Like That was just released. It's weird that she hasn't said anything about this one coming out, no video drop, etc.
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  12. “I Like That” is so good
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  13. It’s not available on iTunes/Apple Music, so I think someone just fucked up.
  14. Listening now and it's smoooth as hell. We're in for a treaT with this album. Hurry in case it's a mistake, ya'll!

    I'm listening to it on Apple Music (US) right now...scared to refresh.
  15. I Like That is another win for me. This is shaping up to be her poppiest album yet by far.
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  16. It's on Youtube so it's legit.
  17. I quite like it. It was a bit drifty ubtil that middle-8 came along and then all was good again.
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  18. Don't drag me, but doesn't it sound like her voice is a tad strained on this track and (some of) Pynk?

    That quibble aside, both songs are great. The bridge on I Like That, especially so.
  19. Yep, 4/4. Lady is unstoppable. The Pharrell track is gonna have to work to bridge the gap between this and Make Me Feel on the album, though.
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