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Janelle Monáe, Icon - Dirty Computer (LP #3)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. I’ve been playing I Like That all morning, it’s safe to say it’s my favorite track of the 4.

    “I remember when you laughed when I cut my perm off and you rated me a six. I was like ‘damn.’” Is such a great line.
  2. Now this is a campaign, see how easy it is to throw out some tracks and have a concrete release date in tow? I love I Like That so she's 4/4 for me right now.
  3. I think this is my favorite so far next to Pynk. I love how much more personal the music is this time around, I really feel like I’m understanding her more as an artist than ever.
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  4. Another BANGER.

    She’s killing it.
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  5. This album is shaping up to be an absolute monster.
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  6. 4/4. This album is already the best album of 2018 and it hasn't even come out.
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  7. Dawn covered PYNK

  8. “I Like It” is great. Everything but “Django” is so bright and summery.

    Re: strain, I didn’t notice any. Her voice has always reminded me of early Alicia Keys.
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  9. I don’t hear any straining on either track. Neither are out of her range, even slightly.

  10. We love smart marketing

  11. RJF


    ffff I was wondering why they were doing this but they snatched a further twenty streams out of me, so.
  12. I clocked the Make Me Feel as B-Side to each new song trick. Cunning Legend.

    This album has me so excited. 4/4 amazing tracks.
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  13. I Love That blew my wig right off, 20gayteen needs to let me live. Probobly my favorite so far.
  14. WaiT. She released another flawless masterpiece?

    Let me live, Janelle! I have so much left to give!!!!
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  15. No surprise, but I Like That is perfection.
  16. Has she sent Make Me Feel to radio? Is that something she does?
  17. It's been on the Radio 1 playlist for weeks, not sure if it's something she actively pushes for but if she's doing clever things like that Spotify trick mentioned above then I'd be surprised if she didn't.
  18. Uhm, is there a tracklist anywhere?
  19. The only thing I've seen is in this thread:
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  20. Nooooooo, not Phareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell.

    YES, ZOË!
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