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Janelle Monáe, Icon - Dirty Computer (LP #3)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. I just got an email from Ticketmaster with a free digital copy of the album, did she do a ticket bundle thing for the second week when the tickets went on sale?
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  2. Still can’t get enough of Dirty Computer, in one go and individual songs are all holding up. Also brilliant for a sunny drive.

    Despite the serious subjects covered, this album really can make you half forget and half feel comfort about the political state of the world and uncertainty right now. We really don’t deserve her, or actually, maybe we the good liberals actually do?
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  3. ddd, she's released an app that replaces your Spotify playlists with Dirty Computer.
  4. Janelle is Prince reincarnated confirmed
  5. I’ve only just given this a listen to in the last week.

    It’s by far my favourite album of the year musically and lyrically. I just need time to dive deeper into the tracks, but you can literally just feel and hear the quality of this Magnus opus oozing out of my headphones.

    I’m surprised the critics and reviews have been so varied on this I hope it pulls through and grabs her some further fans. I’ve been telling everyone to give it a listen and have managed to get the boyfriend hooked.
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  6. I heard this full album by chance during an Uber ride and I had an out of body experience. It has been a long time since I heard an album that I felt were all 10/10 and no misses/fillers. All of the songs were so masterfully crafted. I was actually so thankful my ride was around an hour long. Screwed, I Like That, Pynk, and I Got That Juice are some of my favorites. Definitely my favorite album of the year overall and it deserves every music award.

    I'm gonna watch the whole Dirty Computer emotion picture soon too. I hope it's as much as a masterpiece as the whole album is.

    And the app is such a genius idea. She's really setting her foot down as one of the most innovative musical artists we have today.
  7. It's slowly becoming my favourite off the album if I'm honest. Just lush.
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  8. Yes to all of this! You’re in for an experience when you see the Emotion Movie.
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  9. Popping in as a new poster to say that this is the first album of 2018 to really excite and move me. After the singles I started with the Emotion Picture before allowing myself to listen to the album in full. What an experience! I've been there for her since Suite I, so I do notice the changes (logically). But on this record she comes across as the most real incarnation of herself, genius. Pynk, Django Jane, Screwed, Take a Byte, Crazy, Classic, Life, Americans and Make Me Feel all give me a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I feel invigorated, angered, freed... hot. This is the person the whole world needs to see and hear (and Childish Gambino).
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  10. How expensive was that Uber ride?!
  11. Worth every penny though, I'm sure.
  12. The album has grown on me.

    I think, as someone who bought into her sprawling mythology, it's just jarring to me how much of a sideways-step this album is in her discography.

    I think the production is what lets it down. Yes, it's immaculately done and inventive where it needs to be, but it pretty much stays within one lane.
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  13. I love when queens stan queens.
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  14. I really dig this record.
    The "uh oh uh oh"'s in Crazy Classic Life are a nick from somewhere I'm positive but I just can't pin it down.
    America is so great I start Footloosing when it plays.
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  15. Sooooo, I noticed JM live at Manchester Academy on 10th September pop up on my Songkick yesterday. I googled it and couldn't find anything.. I tweeted Songkick, and it was swiftly deleted (and no reply). It also said on sale Friday... so maybe it was a premature announcement? Hope so!
  16. I love the album, but I've noticed that I'm not spinning it as much recently. I really wanted more from the Metropolis story, the hints are qt I guess but not what I'm looking for from her, TAA is in my top 10 albums of all time for sure. Do we know if she's going to continue on/finish the story?
  17. Unfortunately there does not seem to be much going on at the moment for this album campaign, but to keep interest up, here's an interview with Time Out New York. No progress in working with Missy yet, but some general talk about what influences and motivates her.

    Inspirational icon.
  18. Screwed is just the perfect pop song, isn't it? I've had it stuck in my head for days. It might be my favourite from this year so far.
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