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Janelle Monáe, Icon - Dirty Computer

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Felt cute
    Should probably delete
    Gay rights cancelled.
    No but seriously. Performance of the festival. Me and the boyf hooked up with this adorable black lesbian couple and got our life. The smaller of the two got picked to go up and me and unicorn boy were left to rot.... but it felt right.
    But it didn’t matter it was such a moment and our new mate got to show us her Juice so gayrights reinstated.
    What a woman.
    The Purple Rain tribute was emosh. If you haven’t seen her yet she brings that 80’s Jackson, Prince vibe live without breaking a sweat.
    Absolutely flawless.
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  2. Damn at the performance of Screwed...
  3. Only gripe she didn’t do my favourite song American but maybe she thought it was an ill fit for a farm in Somerset
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  4. A great setlist overall though. Queen.
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  5. Janelle still touring this gorgeous album and converting sistren across the world.

  6. Front row at Wembley right now. Ready to get Screwed.
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  7. Whew, what a fantastic show. She really is just absolutely everything, and there's no other word I can use to describe it. I had no idea she did I'm So Afraid in the full show and I was literally a mess of tears. And of course visually the entire night was a tour de force. Just to see a QPOC woman command a stage unapologetically - singing, rapping, speaking and screeching her truth - was really very emotional for me.

    Oh, and she touched my hand at the end. So I'm quite literally buzzing right now.
  8. I’m glad her set was different to seeing her in Manchester last year. Primetime was almost cut in half at the former, whereas in Glastonbury the outro played across the field in to the night sky for eons. When she got everybody on the floor and then ran in to the crowd but got mud on her face and still looked flawless; utter utter QUEEN.
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  9. She was amazing last night. Undoubtedly one of the most talented people alive right now and one of the performers of our generation.
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  10. I am SO excited to see her tomorrow and watching her Glastonbury set has me even more hyped.
  11. Last night was brilliant. She owns every single second of the set and it still felt so fresh on a second viewing. The energy she has on stage is really magical and it's a real spectacle.
  12. O and she brought Lupita Nyongo on stage... wig
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  13. I was so shocked.

    I loudly shouted ‘FUCK OFF’ in my broad scouse accent and the gay couple in front of me thought I was insulting Lupita and gave me daggers.
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  14. So jealous happy for you hags.

    Really wanted to go, but this is literally my last week in the country and need to pack my shit ddd

    Hopefully she won't take forever for the next album/tour!
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  15. I was utterly gagged. Everyone at the barrier was going crazy, and rightly so.

    The straight white security guards were so uncomfortable so many times, especially the speech about upholding minority rights and impeaching Trump.
  16. This fucking intro. Janet should be proud.

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  17. Toniiiiiiight it’s time for me. So excited. After Lizzo yesterday it should be a one two concert punch for the ages.
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  18. After seeing this live in the flesh I watched her Glasto performance on BBC Iplayer. Absolute props to the camera team. They absolutely nailed the angles, shots and distances. There was literally one or two shots throughout the whole thing that don’t look like a concert DVD. Exquisite job. They managed to make every song feel like it was framed as a different performance and mood. Really great work. I don’t normally notice this things but it’s honestly very impressive. I’m kinda enthralled by her. Although she doesn’t quite have that animalistic top belt vocal that would really suit her style of performance she still has a great voice and can do lots with the voice she has. I expect massive things from her and literally a future legend in the making. There’s something very very special and unique about her even though she channels some of the greats.
    The succession is beautiful.
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  19. i was at Glasto and she was a major highpoint in a packed weekend of music. Stunning. WHAT a performer!
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  20. Saw her live in Berlin yesterday and all I can say is: brillant. She is outstanding and deserves so much more. Also I was crying like a child during her black/women/lgbtqia* speech.

    After Lizzo on Monday and her on Tuesday I have two new entries in my top 10 of best shows ever. It really was that good.
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