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Janet Devlin

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Lincendio, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Pye


    Janet deserved to go this week (she's been boring for weeks) but I still think Misha would have gone if it had gone to deadlock.

    I thought Janet should have sang Sinead O'Connor's 'Thief Of Your Heart' or 'Mandinka'.
  2. Her Digital Spy interview is a real eye roller.

    It hurt us too Janet.
  3. Whatever bile is spread around about her on the Internet, I'm still quite the Janet fan.

    I think she'd make a really nice acoustic covers album. It can be quintissentially 'Janet', yet appeal to the masses. And I think it'd sell a tonne. And it's not like it would even be expensive to make!

    And, failing that, I definitely want to see more of her Youtube videos. She's just not suited to the big stage and spectacle of the X Factor. There was far more charm and grace about her in her little living room than there ever was on that big horrid stage.
  4. and Gays
  5. She told MSN she didn't cover Nirvana because she didn't want Kurt Cobain 'turning in his grave', a courtesy that sadly didn't extend to Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or Freddie Mercury.
  6. Surely the more worrying thing about that article is an "anti-drugs" charity condemning a song that is anti-drugs, and barely alludes to it at that (in a verse she didn't actually sing). How irresponsible of them, seriously.
  7. These fucking charities are always on the lookout for something to complain about because it's easy PR for them.
  8. I usually hate it when people like Matt Cardle complain about the X Factor. But Janet was everyone's favourite and turned into a spectacular figure of hatred over the live shows. The producers fucked her badly and I feel she has every right to be annoyed/angry.
  9. Oh I know that (really, I'm surprised they didn't "urge X Factor to make a donation to make up for it"), but it's shocking that charities can be allowed to be so irresponsible. It's like when a drugs charity got "The Drugs Don't Work" banned on one of the radio stations here. Worrying that they seem so alarmist at the mere mention of the word, that's not the way to fix things.
  10. She likes Beirut and Warpaint. I've never heard of them!!!!
  11. Well, Janet, I'll take your Warpaint and raise you one Nadia Oh - NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH.
  12. As someone who works for a charity I can guarantee you that not all act like this. That is a MASSIVE generalisation.

  13. ops


    Wow, it's almost like you spend time on a music forum and thus know about more music than the average X Factor viewer!
  14. As someone who does a lot of charity work in my free time, I know that the majority aren't like that. What I (and I assume UnderPressure) were talking about were the ones that seize every chance for publicity, and damage their message in the process. I know they probably have good intentions, but it's a shocking an awful mistake to make.

    To avoid being massively off-topic, I've just realised that Janet will have to perform at G-A-Y at some point. That'll be an interesting gig!
  15. I hate the attitude of some posters on here towards charities. Without these "fucking charities", as you call them, a lot of recovering addicts would receive no support whatsoever. A lot of people who work for these charities have a zero tolerance approach to anything about drugs even songs about recovering from them because they worry the right message doesn't come across.

    You might disagree with their opinion but until you get off your ass and give up your time like they do, you have no right criticise them in that way. I don't see how anyone can complain about a charity taking an opportunity to get some free PR for its cause. It's not like anyone is personally gaining from it and they would be stupid not to take advantage.
  16. How did the producers 'fuck' her ??

    I think she fucked herself with her juvenile pretensions
  17. ops


    Early spots in the running order and completely unsympathetic VTs, the effects of which are inarguable. The judges' comments were possibly a bit more negative than they should have been but that's obviously down to personal opinion.

    This isn't to say that she necessarily deserved better treatment - the producers were certainly instrumental in building her up in the first place and the word-forgetting was a bit much (though there are rumours that they changed the arrangements on her...).
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