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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond (12th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Not a huge fan of her hair right now. Ddddd.
  2. Does Janet know she's got to sing live at Glastonbury? I don't think whispering and saying a few words over a loud backing track will cut it for this occasion. I hope it is amazing.
  3. Janet will do what she wants
  4. I do. It’s different. I love how many styles she’s had this decade!
  5. Her style right now is certainly... rather new-wave-ish. I think we're going to have quite the genre-diverse album once it arrives.
  6. She really has. And looks so fantastic in near enough every one of them.
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  7. LP


    Not today Satan.
  8. I just bopped once again to Made For Now, I really hope she does this one live.
  9. Those straights will think the pre-recorded vocals are live so I’m guessing she’ll be fine
  10. They’ll be on their 78th carrot by then anyway.
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    Or they'll be at a different stage
  12. Heathens.
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  13. Can we please just get an album. Made For Now was perfect.
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  14. *matches your avatar
  15. Shes only doing 45 mins
  16. aux


    Was Made For Now labeled as the lead single for an album? Or was it just released as a stand-alone single from the start?
  17. Her distributor/label said it was the lead for an album, but the producer said it was for an EP, Janet herself said it was a ~project
  18. 45 mins of greatest hits would be epic. We are lucky to have a second of Miss Janet if we are honest with ourselves. She will slay us all.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. LP


    It's coming up to a year isn't it ? My FB memories show it's a year since she did that cool photo shoot with all the dancers ... She definitely spread the Made For Now era out. It gave me the push to leave my very cushy job and find a new one. She did that. I adore it but thank u , next.
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