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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond (12th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Indeed, give us more new music please Janet!
  2. There are a lot of fans speculating about Jimmy's health. He was at the opening of Metamorphosis and looked extremely thin and frail. This led some to speculate that his health was the reason for the delay when it came to new music. Janet was working with Jimmy and Terry for the past two years on new tracks. Hopefully he’s alright. Someone said they had heard he went vegan but his appearance was a bit shocking. I really hope he’s okay. He’s a musical genius!
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  3. It seems like the timing is not great for new music with Metamorphosis... Do many artists release new albums while doing residencies?

    Maybe next year would be a good time if she 'reboots' the show with new music?
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  4. no!!!!!!!
    Please no
    Please no.
    These two are my productions heroes. I'll legit be very very upset if he's poorly. My literal dads.
    Here's hoping it's just speculation. Send him all the good energy. The love I have..Ugh.
  5. Oh no, that's not good at all. Hope he'll be OK.
  6. He seems (and looks) fine. He’s been making regular appearances for ages – like at the Grammys pictured below, and even just had a listening session for his and Terry’s new album yesterday.

  7. This was one of the photos that really concerned fans:

    We're so used to seeing him like this:


    He's lost a considerable amount of weight in just a year. Like I said, I hope he's okay.
  8. I don’t see anything concerning about that photo and don’t think he’d be out and about if something was wrong. It’s not uncommon to lose a lot of weight quickly if you’re bigger like he was. People are probably more put off by him still wearing his old suits after the fact.
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  9. Wow, Janet talks Brexit!

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  10. What does she say about Michael? There's a paywall.
  11. Do we really want to know
  12. Well I asked for a reason, didn't I?
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  13. It was a joke, but okay!
  14. From Janet Club...

    New Janet song coming on forthcoming Jam & Lewis Vol 1

    Just as a heads up, new Janet song coming. They’re hosting a listening party today, and they confirmed there will be a Janet song.

    The album’s lead single is “‘Til I Found You” by Sounds of Blackness.

    Follow them on Instagram, by the way. instagram.com/jimmyjamandterrylewis
  15. Amazing news!
    Something to tide us over while this album takes an eternity...
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  16. Well the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis album was supposed to be out in 2014, so let’s pray one of them comes soon
  17. Mess - I wasn't aware.
    But you would hope if they just held/are holding a listening party that it's done and ready.
  18. They had previewed material back then as well, but this seems more public and PR managed, so I definitely have my fingers crossed. There was another listening party yesterday also.
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