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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond (12th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. The interview can be seen here (swipe for the next page). For anyone wondering: she will not comment on the MJ allegations/documentary.

  2. Interesting that she reveals that she’s in therapy. Good for her.
  3. Lovely interview, thank you very much for posting.
    I always thought that J would be the kind of person that would offer drinks and fruits to an interviewer.

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  4. I have Made for Now stuck in my head again for some odd reason and I haven’t listened to it in forever. Damnit, Janet!
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  5. Hurrah! It's such a feel good bop, and dare I say it, top 10 Janet for me now.
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  6. For NOOOOW, not 2morr, made.for.nooow, loo-ka-rooundd!

    It's instant... I only read the thread's title and my day is like this.
  7. I’m really excited to watch her Glastonbury set on TV this weekend. I’ve only got into her fairly recently and I’ve never really seen what sort of live performer she is. Up for it.
  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I know it's only June, but I'm wondering if we're actually getting an album this year... things just seem oddly quiet.

    (Then again, we've seen what happens when she's rushed and when she's not, so lemme shut up and trust my good sis.)
  9. I hope they’re just waiting until Q4 to let us know what’s going on. It’s been nearly one year since “Made For Now” and the planned EP. No rush on the material, but it would be nice to have an update.
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  10. I'd happily take a new single if nothing else.
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  11. I’m thinking she’s set to concentrate on releasing the next album in 2020. She really doesn’t feel the need to rush things anymore. She shelved nearly two albums worth of material between Discipline and Unbreakable. Whenever she talks about writing new music don’t assume it’s going to materialize right away. Anymore she’s constantly working on something with no time table attached. She probably has the freedom to work that way now that she’s not attached to a major label. It’s all on her own terms.

    It’s actally a good thing she’s concentrating on performing right now. After re-establishing herself as an act you could count on to not cancel with Up Close and Personal, she faced a setback after the Unbreakable Tour fiasco. Now she’s trustworthy to investors again after not cancelling during The State of the World Tour and Metamorphosis, not to mention the festivals she’s doing.
  12. Hoping Glasto goes great and leads to UK/EU dates, gotta be.
  13. Almost forgot she’s playing Glasto.
    Hope she extends the tour down under, I really need to see Janet live someday.
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  14. I believe the Sunday Times interview was done as promotion for Glastonbury. She then has another festival coming up soon after in, I think, Switzerland. Elton John is also doing that one. Then it's back to Metamorphosis... and lastly the 30th anniversary of "Rhythm Nation" show.
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  15. She's so busy, but yeah I hope it's the "Rhythm Nation" show that comes here eventually.
  16. U fake fuks aren’t discussing that her glasto set just begun?
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  17. Trust A Try is an interesting start
  18. She’s on Radio 2 now, I think they’re playing the whole set.
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