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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond (12th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Well, the thing is that it’s Janet’s team supplying the questions. Shes controlling the narrative, so if she wants to talk about something else, then she will.

  2. That makes sense, it’s a bit redundant imo when it tends to be a recycle of the same questions but at the same time I can’t act brand new as she’s always been intensely private. Especially with her divorce as previously stated already.
  3. I think that's the main reason she's never really had the type of in-depth interviews as other legends of her stature have given. Certain people will talk all day about how she would be nothing without that family connection, but I maintain that after the initial foot-in-the-door moment, that association has done nothing but bring unwanted, unnecessary, and in fact toxic comparisons and associations.

    Even after 40 years of accomplishments, she has never been allowed to just be Janet Jackson, the pop legend who built her own legacy. They always try to tie it to her garbage brother and the other gaggle of losers who actually never accomplished anything by themselves.
  4. At least we got an ASMR video outta her. That was new and unexpected.
  5. She dealt with Oprah in a positive way in 1997. She said she wasn’t going to discuss her brother. Basically whatever she says is going to be misconstrued and blown up by the media. She handled it perfectly.
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  6. I find it funny how we've already had several comments about how scripted the interviews appear to be, when the flow of the interviews, and her own responses in particular, feel more spontaneous than 95% of... pretty much any other similar case (start of an era promo blitz) by literally anybody else?

    If anything, following one of her eras for the first time, I am delighted at how excited and genuine she appears to be, how she allows the interviewers to lead but also interrupts to chime in or divert to something she cares more about etc. It is only little things of course, but she's giving me more than I'd ever hope for from such interviews. She seems happy and confident in a very unguarded way which is incredibly rewarding and comforting to me as a viewer. I am very happy for how happy and in good terms with herself she looks.

    edit: Perhaps the comments come from long term fans who have seen her being even less scripted in previous eras? This didn't even cross my mind as I was writing this, ddd. Apologies.
  7. The Jackson’s in general, not just Janet, have always been extremely scripted. You watch enough interviews over the course of their decades long media presence and you start to pick it up pretty quickly. That’s just the era they came from. Everything is meticulously planned, but that doesn’t necessarily make Janet less genuine. It’s a means of protecting herself. I don’t think anyone here thinks of it as some sort of negative, it’s just a fact.
  8. I really wish Janet would become the face of some product (not diet related). Something beauty related. Too bad her lingerie line never happened.
  9. She was supposed to do a collab with Alexander Wang back in 2015 and it seemingly fell through. They’ve been hanging around together a lot recently, though, so maybe they’ll pick it back up.
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  10. Not when we’re trying to get all the other popstars to stop their makeup ranges!!
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  11. Coochie Beauty coming for Fenty's crown.
  12. Being the face of something is a bit different than being the name
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  13. Use this product or your face gon' swell up and fall apart.
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  14. Strawberry: The Damita Jo line.
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  15. Highly impatient for more album details.
  16. I have tickets for Toronto and now I need a single or something, please.
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  17. Just this. C'mon already!
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  18. So I’ve decided to give the remaining of her albums a listen before the new album drops.

    I still have the two pre-control left and also 20 Y.O and Discipline. I’m excited to listen to them all even though they may not be so popular around here.
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  19. I really should pay more attention to the first two albums. But at least I like Dreamstreet, which is a total bop.
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