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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond (12th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Once again, she's looking good.
  2. I know she doesn’t really claim her first two albums but there’s a few songs she could salvage and remake them or do a couple in the form of a medley as a surprise.
  3. She did a medley on the Rock with you your, young love will always be a bop of a bop .
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  4. The press release for the Black Diamond Tour says that Janet will be performing songs from her "12 multi-platinum albums" which might mean some more pre-Control songs again.
  5. She said during Ryan Seacrest that her setlists tend to have a formula, and she’s looking forward to changing it up with this show, so we’ll see how that works.
  6. Imagine if she sung second verses!!
  7. I loved the deep cuts she did on State of the World.
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  8. Getting to hear Twenty Foreplay, What About, Where Are You Now, woooo
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  9. The fact that her albums like Janet Jackson and Dream Street (not to mention 20 and Discipline) have moved more actual physical copies than some of these current smashes with 90% of their numbers coming from free streams anyway, just give her the plaques tbh.

    The pre-Control albums have legit fun bops anyway. Even the moments that tried to be fun and carefree in the mid-2000s were labored and without joy. Said it before and I'll say it again. Cute throwaways from a teenager with nothing to say are excusable. No reason for an artist in her 40s to say she has nothing to say.
  10. Janet decides to reinvent the wheel
  11. Things you'll never find in a Janet concert:

    - second verses
    - middle eights
    - ad libs
    - Justin Timberlake
  12. -live vocals

  14. I don't want to acknowledge this but to become a better person I feel I have to take this on board
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  15. That would be cool if so.
  16. She does sing portions live. The sit-down bit specifically.
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  17. She does sing live over the track (unlike Britney).
  18. Yeah part of it is just that she's really good at singing live.
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