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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond (12th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Sorry... can someone give me the lowdown on Black Diamond as it’s a thing but I have no idea what it is? Is an album definitely coming? A tour?
  2. Album definitely, a tour also (for now).
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  3. Thank you! And has she given any indication of when they’re coming?

    While I’m here, and I know this isn’t her General Discussion thread, but which are the most essential Janet albums beyond the flawless Control to Velvet Rppe run I delved into last summer?
  4. All for You and Unbreakable I’d say.
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  5. Sure, Jan(et.)
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  6. The tags in this though...what is happen

    EDIT: oh apparently it’s some picture posting Instagram challenge thing and the tags are people she’s nominating for it. Damn it
  7. I have given All For You a go but I find the run of sleepy RnB ballads after the first few tracks a bit of a snooze... perhaps they just needed more time.
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  8. Normally I’d agree but I quite like those ballads. The tempo picks up again after that lil run!
  9. Damn a Janet/Ciara collab and dance video would be amazing.
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  10. Janet/Teyana would also be amazing.
  11. I had a dream last night that this album was available to preorder. Sigh...
  12. I feel like this album will come out next year if we are lucky. Has there been anything even mentioned of a first single?
  13. This was probably coming in Q4 anyway (and probably still is) based on what she said about the tour starting before it was released. Can’t say the same about the tour, which is obviously going to be postponed.
  14. This and this.
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  15. Just 'Made For Now'.
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  16. Discipline has several bangers and is severely underrated teens (and some sludge of course).
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  17. Damita Jo !!!!!
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  18. I love you.
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  19. I love u more
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  20. A song. Still think it's a bitsy iconic that a huge #1 smash that was all over radio contained the "nice package alright/ride it tonight" line.
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