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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond (12th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. What don't you like about Thinkin Bout My Ex? Is it the lyrics?
  2. Here here. She really was on top form here.
  3. The thing is that Damita Jo is every bit as strong as the albums that came before it, but the Super Bowl incident still has some fans thinking she went “too far” with some of the songs on it (never mind the fact that her previous album featured a song with her getting blue balled right when she was about to cum), but I don’t think people are ready to have that conversation in a cafe.
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  4. We have this discussion almost weekly it seems, but I’m always happy to sing the praises of Damita Jo as an underrated album, and the balls it took to release such a sexually charged piece of work in the face of that controversy and being burned at the stake in the media when she easily could have gone family friendly. It‘s almost like a protest record in that sense.
  5. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'd also like to submit the argument that the artwork 1) looking like an All for You re-release and 2) generally just being awful and lazy also skews people's perceptions of the album as well.
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  6. Janet's cover game since All For You hasn't been especially strong in general. Damita Jo has the issues that @RainOnFire pointed out, 20 Y.O. has JANFT and those fan covers, Discipline...is almost there but the lighting is weird and makes her look like Kermit in a wig, and while the photos used for both editions of Unbreakable are gorgeous, the text is just...cheap-looking.

    I hope for this album there's like, an art director worth their salt involved for the artwork.
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  7. Imagine if she did something like this (not necessarily this specific photo but something more stylized).

    The target imagery... the star nipple... the zipper vagina. It’s perfect.

  8. The other thing is that Damita Jo sounds like a confident album. It sounds like an album recorded by someone whose last release sold 3 million copies in the U.S. and had a lead single that smashed radio records. When I hear large chunks of 20 Y.O. and basically all of Discipline I hear "what's the formula? How do we fix this?" When I hear Damita Jo, I hear "f**k yeah, let's keep the party going."
  9. Damita Jo is my favourite album after Janet.
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  10. I'm swooning. The pussy patch!
  11. Where's our "Damita Jo" vinyl re-release?
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  12. The release wasn't even two months from the Superbowl. A change in direction would have meant scrapping most of the album and likely delaying it, which I'm not sure Janet or her label would have agreed to.

    I remember being shocked at how badly it flopped in the UK, since we didn't react as hysterically as the US over the Superbowl incident. When you consider that All For You was in a tight race with Ash's Free All Angels for the number 1 spot in its release week, missing out by only a few hundred sales in the end, to limp in at number 32 was a disastrous result.
  13. It's madness now Damita Jo flopped when you look back. Controversy or controversy, you would have thought a Janet Jackson album circa 2004, would have been a top 10 entry at least.
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  14. To be fair, it wouldn’t be hard to ‘PR’ Damita Jo. Get rid of Sexhibition, Strawberry Bounce, Moist and Warmth. Maybe Like You Don’t Love Me.

    New fully covered, demure cover shoot. Maybe in a gown on a beach.

    Thank god she didn’t. Damita Jo is perfect.
  15. That album would have been a disaster. Guarantee ya it wouldn't have worked either. The nipple stain was too strong, and America was (is) too weak.
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  16. It's been a few days so sorry for the delay but:

    Thinkin Bout My Ex is flat, forgettable and the pinnacle of what people mean when they refer to endless boring midtempos stacked in the back half of Damita Jo. To me, if All for You is about divorce, Damita Jo is about revelling in newfound love (and dick) and Could this Be Love is the perfect encapsulation of that warm, exciting feeling of butterflies in the stomach. Thinkin Bout My Ex goes nowhere and is borderline laughable.
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  17. I totes feel you, altho I learned to like Thinkin' Bout. DEFFO Could This Be Love would be MUCH MUCH MUCH better. I simply adore this song.

  18. Collab, queens!
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  19. Oh no not her!
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