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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond (12th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. 2014

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    The original is one of my favourite songs of all time, but this remix is sooooo hot

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  2. Amazing mix!
  3. 2014

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    My JJ song at the mo

  4. Adore this so much.
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  5. 35711845_10216618282066358_8172517131502485504_n.jpg somethin' is brewin' and from her lips...

    www.essence.com Tomorrow for sum letter about her new album hopefully!!!
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  6. I thought that was an album cover at first!
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  7. Fingers, toes and balls crossed that it is boo! Looks super official.
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  8. That can't be the cover. The t-shirt is cute though.
  9. Letter from My Heart would be an awful album title.
  10. THAT is amazing!
    Geez I love Janet!
  11. That’s not the album or single cover. It’s the intro page (and title) to the spread in Essence

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  12. She looks fucking incredible.
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  13. Apparently the single is called “Made For Now” and it’s an island inspired uptempo track produced by Harmony Samuels. I’m guessing it must be mentioned in the upcoming article, which is how people suddenly know about it, but we’ll know for sure tomorrow morning. Someone went and checked and the track is registered on a database, along with another song called “Take ‘Em Down”.
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  14. She looks gorgeous but thank god that’s not a single cover.
  15. Oh my gawd new music!
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  16. I’ve said this before but it’s genuinely such a joy to see her so happy and radiant.
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  17. I’m fagging out!!
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  18. I wonder if she’s working with Jimmy & Terry again too. It wouldn’t feel quite right without them.
  19. They produced “Take ‘Em Down”
  20. Yas give us another Island Life, Queen!
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