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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond (12th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. LPT


    I'm surprised that Flyte Tyme aren't involved in the single. Hopefully they are involved in the record. I'm intrigued by Daddy Yankee being involved. She posted videos to her story about 3 hours ago but nothing from the video shoot.
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  2. What?! This slander cannot go unchecked.

    Feedback is a monster pop song, one of the best of the 00s and top-tier Janet.
  3. Heavier than a first day period?
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  4. Now I'm worried dd.
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  5. Yeah, Feedback is a stone cold bop but the vocals do sound weird, especially the THEKTHY, THEKTHY, THEKTHY backing vocals.
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  6. Daddy Yankee and the producer have me a little...concerned...but I’m just going to trust Janet and her instincts. She should have a ton of subjects to sing about so I’m excited either way.

    I wonder if we can expect some classic coochie jams now that’s she’s single and free again...I’m not expecting ‘Moist Pt 2’ or anything but I wouldn’t mind either.
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  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I can't believe this is happening. Hold me gehurls.
  8. Even if this is shit, it all just feels so unlikely that I'll give her a pass. I was fully expecting the Unbreakable era to be her last for a long time. Something just three years after her last album's release is gift enough!
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  9. Indeed, new Janet material in the 3 years since Unbreakable compared to the long long wait before ,is great going.
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  10. Apparently Daddy Yankee appears on a remix and not the main version of the song. I’m not really worried either way.
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  11. Same, just looking forward to new Janet music.
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  12. I think Dave Meyers might be directing after all!

  13. Yasssssss
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  14. I’ll take another one of these to pop my taint to please mother.
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  15. Did I say it wasn't a monster pop song? It's just messy as hell.
  16. I didn't know about it, neither !
    Oh dear !
    I'm looking on Amazon and I can't believe the prices ! £3 for a limited Design of a Decade ? Really ? What's happening ???
  17. OMG, it's happening! [​IMG]
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  18. Already better than both Unbreakable era videos, whew.
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  19. A LQQK. Queen of streetwear.
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