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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond + Documentary

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Is she releasing a new single this week? She’s been teasing since last wkd and her music is now cleared for TiKTok.
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  2. I’m thinking these photos were taken for tour promotion which was set to start before the album dropped. Maybe since the tour didn’t happen she has all these photos to share. Just a guess.

    She released other photos obviously from this photoshoot months ago. We didn’t get new music then either.

    Her vocal producer (I think), was just interviewed saying that she was still recording in February when everything shut down and is inspired by what’s going on presently in the world. Maybe she still wants to record even more. I mean, this project was originally set to be an EP. I know she’s signed with Cinq, but I actually wish she was still signed to BMG like Kylie. They’ve done a great job.
  3. Me trying to be even somewhat hopeful about hearing anything new from Janet before the heat death of the universe, let alone the end of the year

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  6. Genuinely losing my mind over this, WHEW. Working with Jimmy and Terry again is all I needed to hear. Do we think it will still be called Black Diamond?
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  7. Dd I forgot we had an album thread, it’s been so long.
  8. YES. Love that Jimmy and Terry will be on board again, and Siedah Garrett bodes well too.
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  9. Why did seeing this thread on the front page make me laugh out loud? We're ready, ma'am.
  10. Can someone photoshop a Janet version of this

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  11. Hopefully we get something “from her lips” today!
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  12. Moist
  13. Conversations in a cafe
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. I’ve been told they took the article down? Dd. Queen better spill something herself today then!
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  16. Yep, the article and tweet are gone now! Was it a new album announcement?
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  17. Yeah they deleted the tweet and article nn
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  18. It said a new single was coming this year with a new album in 2022.
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