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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Friends of Janet is obviously the modern day version of Friend of Dorothy. Gay icon.
  2. Pretty much was
  3. How about the Janets?
  4. Janhova's Witnesses.
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  5. But... you just contributed... to people 'destroying' her. Jeez.
  6. She's also skipping Boston, Philadelphia, and D.C. --- somethings not right there.
  7. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I noticed the same thing, but it must have been some sort of scheduling issue with the venues.
  8. I'm getting bad cheap cabaret vibes from the picture. But I learnt to ignore bad pictures, hideous artworks, terrible fonts from Janet : they are totally disconected from the quality of the music (and the performance).
  9. Yeah, there is no way she is going to just skip the northeastern United States, especially if she's doing dates in little-known places like Utah and Nebraska. I'm going to be suffering until the dates get posted, though.
  10. As usual, I wish a conversation about Janet wouldn't immediately conjour comparisons and references to her brother who's shadow she has long since escaped, I hope to god there aren't any duets from the grave. This is her show. I cannot wait to see her in Minneapolis and hear her shout out in Escapade.
  11. Ray


    "Unbreakable" is actually the most Janet-like song on Invincible. (And the best one, too.) But I really hope it's just another Rock With You/Rock With U "coincidence".
  12. I pre-ordered the album but received no pre-sale password. Does anyone know how this works?
  13. The password is in the confirmation email

    But from what I can tell, the AMEX presale tickets were better than the album presale ones (for me anyway)
  14. Ahh, I'm excited for this also!
  15. Do we know the release date of the album then if the pre-order is up?
  16. No definite date yet, but her website explicitly said "Fall 2015". I've seen September thrown around a lot.
  17. I am incredibly excited. Nobody comes to Hawaii (yes I know Janet has come before, but still) and I just bought a ticket to see her in Honolulu on the 12th of November, front most section 14th row!
  18. I can't believe she's coming to Calgary but I'm so excited oh my god.

    If I get tickets I will also be seeing both Tinashe and Janet in the same month which is mind blowing to me.
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  19. I don't understand this presale stuff - does anyone know how it works? Are there just a few seats put on sale in each section?
    I wanted good seats but now I am only seeing balcony seats :(
    I assume if I wait for the general sale that there will be more decent tickets available?

  20. omg just realized that the tour starts Aug 31st.... which is one day after the VMAs. Am I living in 1994 thinking that Janet secured a performance slot??
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