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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  2. You should feel lucky that it’s not there!
  3. Ray


    I love how 'Janet – 12th album', 'Madonna – 14th album' and 'Kylie – 14th album' are all in top five threads right now.
  4. Enduring queens.
  5. It’s 1993/1994 all over again!
  6. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Now if only we could make "Mariah Carey - 15th Album" a reality...
  7. Why not 1989?
  8. Because I wasn’t born duh
  9. Flop birth!
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  10. All my girls at the party
    Look at that body
    Shakin' that thing
    Like I never did see
    Got a nice package alright
    Guess I'm gonna have to ride it tonight

  11. I wish I was a teenager in 2001, because hearing that intro, hearing Janet being regularly played on the radio must've been fabulous.
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  12. Why did I think she meant a car. I was 9 though.
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  13. Ray


    And that video, too! It may be one of my least favourite Janet albums, but the singles run was flawless, and so were the visuals. One of the nice things about being ancient is that I got to experience that.
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  14. Being 13 and hearing Janet all over the place was really so much fun. Radio seemed to love her back in 2000/2001.
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  15. I was only 9 then, and although not a Janet fan at this stage, hearing Doesn't Really Matter and All For ou on the radio all the time, was so fun. Both so good!
  16. I too recall the All for You singles being quite omnipresent on radio and TV. I remember being distracted by how perfectly round her boobies were in the AFY vid as an 8 year old.
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  17. Together Again was the first Janet song I ever remember hearing on the radio, when I was around five years old, I didn't know it was Janet at the time but that song was inescapable and it always made me happy when it came on. Fast forward a few years and All For You and Someone To Call My Lover were dominating the charts again, that was first proper introduction to Janet. The revelation I had when I discovered that Janet was responsible for Together Again when I listened to The Velvet Rope for the first time!
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  18. I remember being hugely disappointed the breakdown in the video wasn't included in either the single or album version, thank goodness for her Number 1's album including it. (My favourite pop song in 2001).
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  19. The US single came with the dance break. The video mix.

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  20. Janet seems so genuinely happy lately and it’s making me happy. Like, she is radiating joy.

    I love her so much.
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