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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. She looks so hot, I can't even.
  2. I’m very interested in what form the new music is taking following Unbreakable. There was a major throwback/catching up with friends and family vibe to that record. It was almost like a prelude to a new Janet. Now, we’re all caught up on the last decade and left to get into a whole new book.

    Despite the divorce, I imagine this being a little more lighter emotionally and more current sounding than Unbreakable was, maybe as a way to reflect the new life she’s brought into the world.
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  3. Jimmy makes it sound like she’s deeply focused on two things now: her child and social issues. I don’t see something lighter coming (ie, upbeat/Janet-with-a-modern-twist). Janet seems to be in a much more mature/deeper space. Not saying there won’t be dancing and a bit of sensuality, but she seems more serious than in the 2000s where she was churning out albums trying to get played on radio. No doubt she’ll take a few swipes at her ex.
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  4. I mean, you can still deliver bops while tackling social issues. That’s Janet’s specialty.
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  5. Okay but have you ever listened to Rhythm Nation or The Velvet Rope? I mean half of RN had songs directly covering social issues such as homelessness, racism, sexism, drug addiction, war, etc. It actually might be one of the most political mainstream pop albums ever.
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  6. Socially conscious Janet is my favourite type of Janet, so bring it on.
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  7. Rhythm Nation is a great album and I welcome anything similar, especially that jack swing production of the late 80s / early 90s.
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  8. Have the Janet and Missy selfies been posted anywhere yet? Seeing them both looking so snatched and taking photos with that love heart shaped ring light is so cute. Actual icons.
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  9. Wow Janet looks amazing, serving 20YO looks lately.

    I honestly thought that in the quiet period after Discipline and the mess that was the Rockwitchu Tour, that she would never come back. Can't wait for whatever she brings next.
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  10. Ray


    Same here. I really thought she'd be happy being a billionaire's wife. The last few albums made me feel her heart wasn't in music anymore, and the marriage with Wissam felt like a (well deserved) escape from the spotlight.
  11. Jimmy told her she shouldn’t be doing music unless she had something to say, so I guess she waited until she did.
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  12. Such a great look for her.
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  13. Where? This is new territory for her. Her looks during 20 YO were pretty tragic. That mohawk was horrible. Janet looks hot now. Her reddish hair Velvet Rope hair is tremendous.
  14. She took her time with what would become Unbreakable. She had over a year's worth of material before she hooked up with Jimmy and Terry again.
  15. She’s serving updated “Runaway”, even the brows are similarly snatched.

  16. Can't believe she didn't do Free Xone on the State of the World Tour. It should have replaced Throb.
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  17. YES!!!!!
  18. She's rumored to be headlining Panorama Fest in New York this summer.
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  19. Eh? I thought the only time she had a mohawk was the Rockwitchu tour. She looked amazing during 20YO.
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