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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Ew, my VPN won’t work. Hopefully someone captures the whole stream and uploads it.
  2. Missing the start of Nasty...... sis
  3. R&B Junkie!!
  4. Okay caught a glimpse of a shitty stream and she looks incredible. Imma wait for a proper HD source.
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  5. There’s definitely an audio issue. She keeps fiddling with her mic.
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  6. Throb made me wet
  7. Janet's hair is mesmerising when she's dancing
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  8. I’m out and about so I hope this gets uploaded somewhere later.
  9. I'm watching on iPlayer with a delay, God... every move she executes just screams star, she just has IT.
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  10. Glowing review of her performance from the Guardian.

  11. "pop's elder stateswoman"? Get tae fuck.
  12. Glad because the single cover is gorgeous.
    Also it means we'll definitely have a physical format since as time goes by it's increasingly likely it won't be on the next album.
    As she deserved. I would maybe say 3.5 since she wasn't on her top form - but people were just nitpicking with the bad reviews.
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  13. She better offer a cassette version of her next album like everyone else.

    Design of a Decade, the import version is apparently getting a US CD release soon.
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  14. I never thought that cassettes would be the next format to have a resurgence. A bit unnerved that my main format for many years is now considered "vintage". Am I vintage?
  15. I still don’t understand the cassette revival for pop albums beyond aesthetics and sales boosts. Like...the sound quality is worse...
  16. It is solely for nostalgia and the sales boost, while being easy to store and cheap to ship.
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  17. Did BBC cut “The Best Things In Life Are Free” from the visual version?
  18. No, it was there in the broadcast version last night, just before All for You.
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