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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Oh no.
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  2. Oh dear. Unfortunately this is a woman who lived in the UEA (I believe) on and off during her marriage and who has graced the cover of SA Harper’s Bizarre.
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  3. <3
  4. If morally bankrupt Nicki Minaj turns a gig down, that should be enough to tell any possible replacements that it's not a good idea.
  5. Release an album morally bankrupt mummy
  6. That’s Janet BR
  7. Yeah, I realised my mistake but kept it for posterity.
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  8. Like star like stan
  9. I don't understand.
    I can usually forgive the poor decision to perform in somewhere like Saudi Arabia. I get if you live a fairly unexamined existence you might not realise the implications and just think 'oh well they're modernising it's a good thing :)'. You'll struggle to find a big pop girl that hasn't performed in some backwards country or, even worse, in a private concert for a dictator.

    I just don't understand why, when another artist (who isn't exactly known for having the highest standards when it comes to social justice / human rights / etc) has pulled out due to human rights concerns - you jump at the chance to replace them? Like I highly doubt the $$ is worth the heat you're going to get in the press and the upset it's going to cause sections of your fanbase?

    It adds insult to injury that her classic album tackles themes of gay rights & domestic violence - two hot button issues when it comes to Saudi Arabian government policy.
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  10. La Toya would never.
  11. She probably would.
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  12. She makes the weirdest career choices for the past 10 years. Very self sabotaging.
  13. I’m not registering anything besides this that I’d consider self sabotage or weird...

    They’ve done a pretty great job at rebuilding her image and reintroducing her to the public.
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  14. I agree that they have indeed, because she was very out of touch with fans. And lately the public has been very receptive of her again, and her legacy. Not just fans, but the public embraced her again. Which is good and well deserved.

    Still I feel like there were indeed a lot of weird things, and decisions that prevented her from flourishing even more to reach her fullest potential or re-connect with her audiences world wide. And several things that did set her back. I don't wanna type out of a list, because it will seem like I'm bitter, which I'm not. I love Janet, but I just scratch my head with a lot about decisions being made professionally. She seems so unaware sometimes. And this latest one doesn't surprise me at all. By the way I'm not even upset or anything about this particular thing about Saudi Arabia. I know her heart is in the right place. It's just another poor choice that i just don't get.
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  15. Clearly Rhythm Nation is just planning a coup from inside the country.
  16. In other news, I’m glad they finally officially announced these after they’ve been kicking around on retail sites for the past month

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