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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. And I just realized they posted today about Aaliyah's music being put on streaming services, even though we knew yesterday the source was a fake Twitter account.

    So yeah.
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  2. This makes me sad.
  3. HARPER'S BAZAAR: What about your new music project?

    JANET JACKSON : I'm currently in the process of producing a new song. However, I also do not want to set a fixed time frame for it, because it is difficult for art people to feel really satisfied with their work. I will show off the new song to the public soon. Well, I also got a few offers to film. Slowly and I'll reveal everything!
  4. “Art people”

    Her Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol inspired alberm is coming.
  5. A new song? After all this time and several reports on her working on a new project we'll get a song?
  6. It’s clearly a rough translation meaning new single. She’s not going to reveal much more than that. As Vietnamese-to-English Janet says: “Slowly and I’ll reveal everything!”
  7. Which Damita Jo song is this from?
  8. From the President of A&R at Rhythm Nation

  9. Oh my good god
  10. Me gearing up for new Janet.

  11. He left fireworks and champagne emojis in the comments on that photo. I swear if she comes for me on NYE...
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  12. I...

    Is it even possible for me to say I'm not ready after she's left us hanging for over a year? Please ring in 2020 by scalping me momther I deserve it
  13. Janet eyeing Mariahs stronghold on Christmas so she comes for the Queen of New Year Crown?
    I for one am here for it!
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  14. *giggle*
  15. New Janet? Potentially very soon? What the - I didn't even get to come!

    Did you?
  16. I really wouldn’t be mad if they used this shoot for the new album. It’s brilliant.

  17. Serving glamorous dementor.
  18. Fashion goals.
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