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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Better not be a retirement tour.
  2. I lowkey don’t expect a full on interview. I’m guessing some sort of skit with an announcement and then she’ll jet.
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  3. I was using it to refer to new music.
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  4. I would actually enjoy another residency, but for god’s sake, tell us about new music coming. Too bad Metamorphosis wasn’t filmed... that we know of.
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  5. I posted and deleted because this seems fake.

    Some rumour went around a few months ago with all these names saying Oprah was involved, but I looked at the production company linked there and it's *super* low budget. They're doing a kickstarter for a series with this name and it's at £7k.
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  6. LPT


    Please don't be an extended Vegas residency.
  7. Colbert is honestly worse than Fallon. At least Fallon's show is fun sometimes and has good segments. And booking Jan on it is her best shot to go viral. Nobody gives a shit about the other late night shows (except Kimmel/Corden sometimes).
  8. NEW PHOTO!!!

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  9. It’s gonna be her new book

    True You Part II: Thriving after Divorce.

    One of the topics will be about how she scrapped that EP.
  10. I feel like she’s going to announce more dates of the State of the Unbreakable Metamorphis tour, but I’m desperate to be proven wrong.
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  11. Uh, a bit late.
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  12. Good god, NO. Fallon is atrocious with low ratings. The same with no talent Corden. Colbert is an icon.
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  13. How did Corden get this far anyway?, he literally provides nothing. The worst out of the late night lineups.

    Fallon has the interviewing skills of a fish eating the excess skin off an amphibian but I’ll take what I can get.
  14. Announce a world tour - and come back to Australia with your proper non-festival set-list please.
  15. Agreed.
  16. She really needs a new album before that happens. Residencies are good for playing your Hits, but tours are usually means of promotion for a project.
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  17. True Prue!
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  18. That looks like a video still to me?
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