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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

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    Do we remember how she pioneered the animated single cover? Only for it to be not animated at all? And by animated I mean green squiggly lines
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  2. I like the song but LOVE the video. It’s like Together Again goes to the city. Just nothing but beauty and joy.
  3. This is still such a moment. 2 years later, and it would still be an amazing basis for an album.
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  4. Made For Now is indeed incredible and a perfect modern day Janet Jackson song.
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    This song was and is my life. What a moment.
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  6. I am mainly anxious for the album to come out so that we can do Part 2 of her discography rate. Right @P'NutButter ?
  7. "Made for Now" is just so joyful, no other word to describe it.
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  8. Remember when they released the Made For Now vinyl exactly a year after the actual single release? Not that it was gonna do anything anyway, but it's illustrative of the absolute clueless handling of her career for the past 20(!) years. She is my number one fave, but I can't help but be frustrated at the general "I just wanted to be a horse racing jockey lol" energy she always serves, which is cute but infuriating for someone who actually managed to cement her status in spite of it all.
  9. I'm just praying the Black Diamond cover is nothing like the tour poster which has to be some of the most hideous artwork I've seen for a major artist.
  10. 'Night', 2015.

  11. That really was so random looking back.
  12. I'm sure that the Black Diamond cover art is the most beautiful artwork of her career. That's the fun of play pretend!
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  13. Random, but any artist releasing an actual 12” with remixes will get my coin every time.
  14. The moment that really hit home for me was that damn Glastonbury appearance that could have been legendary and the jumping off point for her selling tickets again over here, and someone decided to... put about four songs the GP would actually know, in an hour long set. Even as a fan it felt like a slog.

    It stunk of a complacent US management team who didn't do a sliver of research into the festival, didn't understand the career possibilities of booking a slot like that, and didn't understand how to capitalise on it. It was a perfect example of how mismanaged she's been over the past few years. This is a woman with an amazing legacy and catalogue and it's frustrating to not see it pulled into focus in the way it could be. And the even more frustrating thing is, I don't think Jan really gives a shit either way.
  15. The fact that a majority of Janet’s videos still aren’t on her YouTube channel / available in HQ is a goddamn mess. It’s literally the easiest thing they could to benefit her legacy.
  16. Janet's discography/videography needs it's own MC30 kind of treatment.
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  17. Instead we will get 'kid dances to MJ' videos and 'hi' selfies.
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  18. Looking great.... but where is the album??....
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  19. Her socials are now basically stan accounts, so tiring.
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