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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. I agree with you. It's fine, but it's never going to be a classic Janet song, and I certainly don't want a whole Reggaeton-inspired album (although I am fairly certain she would never do that).
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  2. The girls really lose it at the mere suggestion of some arroz con habichuelas kind of vibe no matter the artist, huh?

  3. It's not really reaggaeton? I'd class it as afro beat myself. I rinsed it that summer along with Ciara's Freak Me.
  4. "Made for Now" is joyous. Full of light.
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  5. Nn I was also very lukewarm on Made for Now. As an album track I'd use but as the first taste of a potential new era after how much of a triumph Unbreakable was as a fan, it just...wasn't it.
  6. Made for Now is a great song but it's not a Janet Jackson song.
  7. It's soaked in sunshine. I fucking adore it!
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  8. Made for Now was cute but it was and should stay as a one off, I definitely don’t need a whole album of it.

    Something… is coming right? Right??? Seeing this thread bumped made my heart jump but then seeing the tweet and article already deleted has me worried it was a false alarm… Not capitalising off the documentary with a new album ready to go would be a strange move.
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  9. Apparently more outlets (I saw People magazine, but there were more) reported on it after Rolling Stone but then also deleted.
  10. I always thought I was a big Janet fan.
    But I do not remember this song (Made for Now)
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  11. check it out if you get the chance - sound of the summer (2018)
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  12. Made For Now was made for the 2018 now, not NOW lol

    I’m excited for her to bring us something new & fresh. And nope, I do not want another Made For Now or Unbreakable. Both terrible for me.’
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  13. Good one!

  14. Yeah I like it.

    The video is cute too.
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  15. Made For An Undefined Time Period was cute for what it was, and it is her only great post-AFY video as of yet, but it surely doesn't contain much of what makes Janet great. It's a Because of Love (but not even as sweet and melodic whoops) in a sea of Ifs and Escapades. Cute next to gorgeous etc.
  16. The Made For Now performance on Fallon was joy personified.
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  17. I will not stand for the erasure of these two fantastic videos!
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  18. I would pay for the erasure of Feedback sans the last 10 seconds which is of course the only part we're stanning unironically, surely.
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  19. The “Rock With U” video erasure…
  20. Did someone in this thread really say Unbreakable was terrible?
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