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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Yes. That’s me. I’ve been a loyal Janet fan since 1993, Unbreakable is so not for me. I don’t like the production for the album. It sounds very old & dated for me. That is the only Janet album I don’t like.
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  2. The earlier posted - and subsequently deleted info - was incorrect & came from a false source who went to multiple outlets.
  3. I loved Unbreakable.
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  4. The collaborators did sound a bit fishy. Siedah Garrett? Earth Wind and Fire?
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  5. But there must be some truth in it:
  6. Or Siedah has the same gay as Dionne Warwick on her socials.
  7. I remember reading Jam and Lewis weren't even involved in the album and Janet was going for new blood. All this obviously could have changed during the interminable wait but I was kind of looking forward to a fresh sound.
  8. From what I’ve been told, the info was given out by someone who was in Janet’s camp that many did not realize was no longer part of her team. So her actual current team then had to go do damage control.
  9. Made For Now perhaps does not speak to the breadth or depth of her material, but I think it is a brilliant showcase of her quality as an artist in a modern context. Make Me was another such instance... I love them both in a very similar way even though their 'vibes' are not similar.

    Anyway, glad to hear about the album again!
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  10. They worked on “Made For Now” so I don’t think that’s the case.
  11. Why'd you have to bring up her cancelled tour (s)?
  12. Would love for Channel Tres, Kaytranada, SG Lewis, and Sam Sparro to be involved.
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  13. Janet and Channel Tres would be...


    *melts and dies*
  14. Oh, La Toya...
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  15. Now wait a minute...... They might just be variations of the same theme (Janet dancing in a dusty ass warehouse) but All Nite, So Excited, and Rock With U are all great videos.

    And All For You album or single? Because the rest of the singles from All For You got brilliant videos.
  16. Call On Me is one of the most beautiful videos ever (and one of the most expensive at the time I think) but I can see why it's overlooked (even though I love the song personally).
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  17. I think it is true.
  18. Siedah, I love your 1988 album so much!
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  19. Siedah needs to give Janet her own Telefunkin'.
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