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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. If she is working on a new album, I just say, bring it on!
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  2. And I guess her A&R and the photos of her recording in the tourbook are wrong as well? I'd like to know your sources. More assumptions? Don't be dumb, boo boo. It's never a good look on you.
  3. Was it a proper comeback though?

    I am seriously asking: I love Janet.
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  4. I'd say a number one album was as good as it was going to get, on top of it being a really amazing piece of work. I'd love for more videos this time around, though.
  5. I've seen more Janet exposure, press, commentary....as well as music on people's lips than I had in ten years so... I think it's been pretty much a turnaround.

    She was touring small theatres with her Greatest Hits if I recall. It all felt very like the end of her career (by choice, if you know what I mean).
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  6. She should still be touring some smaller venues, to be fair. But I think overall there's been some reevaluation of her and her career over the past 5 years, and I love it. That's part of why I think a series of reissues would do so well.
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  8. Yep!
  9. She was obviously recording the soundboard tracks for the tour, boo boo. Her A&R is confirming nothing.
  10. Right. Keep telling yourself that. I'm sure he's listening to her yet to be released album, Unbreakable and discussing concepts for it then.
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  11. That's not on me to prove. I wasn't the one who put forward inaccurate statements of supposed confirmation. The burden of proof is on OP and he failed. Jimmy already said there wasn't time to record new material due to her being in tour mode. The end.
  12. Keep making an ass out of yourself. I know more about her and her career than you do.
  13. Then maybe you should shut up. You have a habit of saying things without proof and you almost always end up with egg on your face by the end of it. All my proof is in the OP. I'll wait for yours.

    Sure you do, hun.
  14. Oh, and just for the sake of it, here's one of the interviews where Jimmy talks about the possibility of new music and if they'll have time to record before the tour. Starts at 23:58. Enjoy.

  15. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the whole Number Ones Tour designed to rebuild her touring reputation after the cancellation of the European leg of the All for You Tour/large scale cancellations on the Rock Witchu Tour? I think her choreographer Gil mentioned it once an interview that she struggled to get insurance after the Rock Witchu fiasco, and that's why she toured so much with Number Ones. She probably funded a lot of it herself, and so it made more sense for her to fund a small-scale tour than risk paying for arenas out of her own pocket.
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Christ grow up.
  17. Who would have thought actual receipts from the A&R you've personally hired for you and your own label would trigger someone to go off in denial mode just because they are probably pissed they didn't scoop the thread first?
  18. Someone's been behaving naughty in a few threads now lately. I'm not sure what their deal is.
  19. Unbreakable and Art Angels were my favorite albums of 2015, so very exciting news.
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  20. When is classdeflector getting banned?

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