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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. New Janet material?

    Unbreakable was a great return to form.
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  2. I wonder what this shoot could be for. I've seen it used twice so far with no final product:

  3. Ms Tina Knowles cosplay?
  4. I think it's used in one of the interludes
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  5. Oop, yes, I just remembered it.

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  6. It's a monstrosity , serving sunset beach realness
  7. She was spotted doing an outdoor shoot before her show on Thursday

  8. I love that even her team are choreographed when telling someone to put away a camera.
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  9. I thought they were mid-move? As in they are dancers.
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  10. I think that’s Preston and Gil
  11. I am more than ready for new Janet! And I also thought that was an actual dance routine in the shot above.
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  12. Hopefully she's beyonceing and planning to drop a visual album (and shooting while on tour).
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  13. I'd be happy with just 4-5 videos. I liked the two we got during Unbreakable, but that album deserved a bit more than that.

    She reunited with her 90s dancers last night (probably for the documentary) but they're also rumored to perform at her official after party on Sunday.
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  14. Netflix documentary next year

  15. LPT


    I'm not ready. But I'm ready. Are you ready? Jimmy?
  16. I feel like (at least in my sphere) Janet has been so present as of late. I'm absolutely loving it.
  17. So here for the Janaissance.
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  18. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    She was looking FAB on her Instagram story today. Like, SERVING.
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  19. So that means there will be professional footage of the show too?! CAHHHHHH
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