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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Imma go and listen to all her albums in celebration.
  2. Snatch me, queen!
  3. Janet has it in here to do an album even better than Unbreakable I think. The fire seems to back even more so now.
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  4. Ray


    I seriously thought she was done with showbusiness, off to marry a zillionaire and spend the rest of her life watching Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi on a succession of yachts. Turns out she just misplaced her flamethrower.
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  5. Indeed! Thank goodness for us fans, that was not the case.
  6. I feel like this is going to be a spring album. I wonder if the documentary will coincide with it.
  7. LPT


    Let's hope so, or perhaps the all encompassing European tour?
  8. Oh that would be good! Not long at all then. Bring it on Miss Janet!
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  9. Would it be too on the nose for Kelela to give Janet a song called "Poetic Justice"?

  10. Where?
  11. It's not a weave, it's a clip-on.
  12. Still amazing though. Regardless.
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  13. Wow she looks incredible. Honestly thought after Discipline she was done with music... Unbreakable came as a nice surprise but now I want her to serve the bops with the next album. Give me 20YO pt.2!!!
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  14. At least the wait shouldn't be another 7 years again by the sounds of it.
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  15. LMK would be an amazing Janet single.
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  16. Same. I am gidddddy! I really want her to tour (and commit to it damn it) the UK again.
  17. "That's the Way Love Goes" is the top Janet song on Google Play. Yas.

    If she actually releases another album........ my fucking god. She's just impeccable. Her fall from the Zeitgeist is the greatest pop in injustice I can think of.
  18. I'm loving her presence on social media lately

  19. Her site has finally been redesigned. I think for the first time since 2009? Looks like a temporary layout.

  20. She visited her childhood home for the Netflix documentary and did a Q&A


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