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Janet Jackson - Black Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Do we know when it's coming out?
  2. Just sometime next year
  3. Good enough for me. Long overdue, nevertheless.
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  4. I hope she plays around with music styles on the new record. Rock type suits her even if it’s just for one song. Black Cat, Just a little while, What”ll I do are great songs.
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  5. A few of my least favourite songs by her, I like Trust a Try though, that was quite rocky.
  6. Black Cat is iconic. I would love for her to go that hard again.
  7. Black Cat is fantastic!
  8. "What'll I Do" is such a great song.
  9. She looks incredible

  10. LPT


    Are there any professional shots of her from whatever Absolut event she was at last night? She looks amazing on her instastory. I'm gagging.
  11. Just a couple posts from her A&R from the past few months. Nothing earth shattering, just further confirmation of new music on its way

    Also here are the comments he liked regarding the new album, reissues, and tour DVDs. Nothing too deep here, but I figured I’d include it anyway

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  12. Ray


    For a moment I thought those vintage_janet posts were actually confirmations and almost lost it.
  13. I wouldn’t even be alive to make that post if they were. He seems to be the type to like every comment, so I’m not reading into them too much. It’d be nice if they managed to get proper reissues of Control - The Velvet Rope and the tours out around the release of the new album, or at least announce plans to.
  14. LPT


    This clearly proves nothing. Show me confirmation. I want receipts.

    I'm kidding
  15. Yes it would be fantastic if this were to happen. Still annoying how Control and Rhythm Nation have yet to be re issued. The original releases sound so low now.
  16. Non-update: she’s back to posting on social media after a month long break.

    Praying we start hearing more about the documentary and album soon.
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  17. ^Here is hoping! Be good!
  18. See, this is why I'm holding off the second part of the Janet rate...

    It is now.
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  19. Love it!
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  20. So exciting. I cannot wait for her to be back.
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