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Janet Jackson - Call On Me(Featuring Nelly)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 2k6backtobasics2k6, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Only 3 Days Until It's On The Radio!!!!I Hope It's Amazing N Is A Big Club Song Not A Ballad Or Mid Tempo Song Leave Them Till The Last Single I Hope This Is A Mariah Style Return To Form But Better!!!
  2. Its Leaked!!!!!!!!
  3. It wasn't really worth the wait, was is?
  4. WEAK! It's very ghetto too. nelly should not sing. also, I think he is way too prominent on it. It's barely a Janet song. Why not get a REAL singer like Maxwell. Someone who will elevate her.

    For a track that introduces an album about her 20 yrs in the biz, this song really doesn't have any link to her past. It could be a Mariah song.
  5. Completely agree on all counts. I wouldn't mind this so much if it was Mariah, since I don't care that strongly about her, but a Janet single - especially the lead-off single from an album - should have a lot more bite, more pizzazz, more danceability and LESS FUCKING NELLY. Certainly she has the right to celebrate 20 years of success, but her choice to do so by sounding like every B-list R&B diva going is mystifying to say the least.

    Hopefully the album's better.
  6. I found this a really really big let down, it's worse than some of the stuff on 'Damita Jo', Janet didn't write this song, so it was so blatently and left over from the last Mariah album.
    I hope the album is upbeat, i'd read somewhere that is was quite upbeat, but this track is just disappointing! It better not be like 'The Emancipation Of Mimi' otherwise i will not be impressed!
  7. I Personally Love It It Reminds Me Of Dilemma One Of MY Favourtie Songs Off All Time And This Is Already Becoming One Of My Favourite Songs Ever Already!
  8. Oh my. Honey, punctuation is your friend! There is also no need to Capitalize Every Word.

    I do like your enthusiasm for Miss Jackson though... I am not trying to be mean.
  9. Nelly wrote the song with JD too. Horrible effort.
  10. that explains a lot.
  11. Is this the actual first single? I can't imagine that. It's so boringly mid-tempo...and bland.

    Janet, what happened?
  12. Sadly it is not one of those leaks that they do in r'n'b (Mary J often releases a "buzz" album track before the actual single). It is the single.  Cannot imagine it on radio this summer.  Maybe it's a grower...
  13. it's leaked, heard it on 17JUN.

    Another typical girl+hip-hop boy duo to get the song selling.
  14. Absolutly crap choice for a first single, far less annoying than Dilema though.
  15. Utterly dreadful "song". Who buys this shite?
  16. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I can't stand it either.
  17. i was expecting some great Janet type anthem... instead we get this crap with Nelly making a noise on it.
  18. I'ts hard to get into "r n b" bs, but i usually grow into Ms. Jacksons. And i was defintley expeting some mariah esqus/dilemma sounding song as the lead, as it happened. But remember her cd's are alway great pop songs and better than normal r n b songs. So there will be something worth waiting for.
  19. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    I thought this album was going to be a throw back to "Control" with an updated sound, and I was so excited for that. But this song is such a disappointment, its like I want to shake her and say "Your Janet Jackson! You gave us "Control" and "Rhythm Nation", don't sing with Nelly, who's best song was about a sauna!"
  20. This is it? I cant belive it, its just so bland. Janet's had interludes that were better!
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