Janet Jackson - Discipline

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KaMZ said:
I love the "Rock With U" video. The one-take method harkens back to "When I Think Of You". Or she thinks nobody in the U.S. knows Kylie, that's why I can rip off "Love At First Sight" the song AND the video.
Rock With U Video is nothing like Love at First Sight. If anything its a homage to When I think of You.
Kylie wishes she could make a dance video like this. The dancing in Kylie videos is embarrassing! The dancing in Rock With U is AMAZING!


Anyone know if the beat during the end of "Bathroom Break" is an actual song or made up specifically for the interlude? It's hot.
Janet is back to promoting Discipline. She is in Japan doing the rounds. Discipline deserves to be big. It makes E=MC2 look like a bag of shite. Feedback feedback Whoa!!
looks like i was right, here's the cover

This picture was definitely taken when she found out about the first week sales in Europe and UK. "Can't be good", she sighed.


oh there's no doubt Discipline is better than MCHammer, not one!

Rock With U alone makes the whole Mariah album sound like crap.
Someone is not doing their job ay Janet HQ if they cannot see that Rock With U has hit written all over it (mind you I said that about You Know Me Better too??!!, I'm obviously be crap at predicting hits)
Wasn't Rock With U released, it had a video and everything?

I don't recall any promotion though.

Rock With U, Luv, 2Nite and Greatest X should all be singles with major promotion. They're sure fire hits.


LUV has radio friendly, top 15 Billboard hit written all over it, and Greatest X is the only ballad she should be releasing off this album. Why is it Janet and her people always mess up her album campaigns, especially with Discipline where there's a chance it could actually succeed?
And yet another Janet Jackson album campaign goes to shit.

I find it so confusing why they can't seem to get anything right for her. Yes, Feedback was a good song, but obviously not THE song they needed to get her back out there.
Matt said:
Rock With U, she wanted a new video for it. The video got pulled so they could do a reshoot.
that was an april fool's on a fansite. not true at all I'm afraid.
Feedback is the only surefire hit on the album as much as I love Rock With U, So Much Betta and some of the other tracks.
I can't see this doing well at all. It's not even a stand out track on the album, let alone against whatever it gets released alongside.

I don't understand this whole Janet campagin. As with 20YO It seems like the people behind her have no idea of what's happening anymore. And filming a video for Rock With You but not releasing it as a single is ridiculous.

Oh, and her hands look filthy in that single cover.
Janet has two problems as I see it:

1) she should be on the road within week and as of now I am not sure when she is touring. Fall? Way too late! She needs to remind people NOW of why they like her and then the album may pick up.

2) The album was weak. It has a handul of good songs, but I don't think Janet really learns from her mistakes much. It was like an international cry of the heart for her to chill on the wet pussy stuff and girlfriend could not help it.

She should have recorded an album that was more intelligent and gone back to acknowledging the troubles of the world, not how perfect JD's penis is.


xolondon said:
1) she should be on the road within week and as of now I am not sure when she is touring. Fall? Way too late! She needs to remind people NOW of why they like her and then the album may pick up.

Supposedly there's been dates scheduled in October, which is just stupid as the record is dead. That said, it's now rumoured that she'll be working on a new movie by then so...


It's all gone tits up for poor Janet! There has been some mega fuck ups with this album which under normal circumstances would have brough Janet back to the top of the charts. But somehow it's no where to be seen or heard. I have to say she needs to get rid of current management and hook up with Mariah's people. If they can make people forget about "Mariah's Meltdown" they can surely help Janet with her mess.
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