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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. It's definitely the best of the Damita Jo-20 YO-Discipline era for me.
  2. 20 YO is full of bops. Actually, all of her albums between DJ and Discipline were full of bops. The issue was she had nothing to say which made the albums feel sort of hallow. The catchy beats and hooks were there, but Janet's signature POV was missing. I still enjoy all the albums though
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  3. Certainly is a template I think. Not to mention the original and the best in my view.
  4. I didn't think I could dislike the dreadful Les Moonves anymore, but, this is just grossness.
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  5. Very unpleasant that I think. Janet didn't deserve that at all.
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  6. Not surprised about Les Moonves after all he gave his wife Julie Chen Big Brother and The Talk
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  7. “There was a conversation”. I hope she paid dust to his ass.
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  8. Would she have ANY chance of headlining the Superbowl again? It's what she deserves (if she so wanted) and it would actually be a marketing coup for the Half-time Show too.

    Or are those in charge still out for her?
  9. I don't actually think she needs it right now. From a career point of view it's probably beneficial for her to not put that to bed by rounding that narrative out. Justice for Janet and then what..... it would be far more fitting for her to have her second imperial phase and go back in ten years time when she is ready. I'm in no rush. I also don’t like this come back into the party as soon as the door is open for you again. She’s not been sat outside the door, she went and got on with her life. Fuck the super bowl, I’ll come if and when I’m ready sorta thing.

    The stunt was a dumb fucking move on her part, but the backlash was disproportionate and vitriolic never mind playing into the territories of misogynior.

    Steer clear for a decade Jan. Do your thing...it’s beautiful x
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  10. The NFL claimed that Janet wasn’t banned from performing when confronted last year in the midst of all the drama of Justin Timberlake being welcomed back (although they previously stated she was banned a few years back when asked if she’d ever be given a performance slot again).

    If they went as far as having a conversation about her joining Justin’s performance earlier this year, then I assume they’ve lifted whatever ban they had on her and things just didn’t work out. Janet has expressed interest in performing there again if she was ever allowed back, so it’s really up to the NFL at this point.
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  11. It would be amazing if she performed and got her tit out again as a fuck you to all the white old men who wanted to destroy her career in the first place.
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  12. This forum is fucking unreadable with these bloody ads on my phone! Fix it @Popjustice dearest.
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  13. I know exactly what you mean. I try to click on something and I end up clicking on something different entirely because the ads push the entire page down. SO annoying.
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  14. This song is so hard not see why it was and remains her biggest selling single:

    Moves you and makes you wanna move all at the same time. Quite a feat that.
  15. "Made for now" is a real delight.
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  16. poppin in to say my job had Someone to Call my Lover playing during my shift last night and I fell in love all over again. What a jam.
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  17. She should have named it after Enjoy. The 20th anniversary of Control concept was poorly realised and created an unrealistic comparison. She should have focused on it being a fun party album.
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  18. Fantastic choice! Such a feel good favorite of mine.
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  19. I can never tire of this. Epic Janet anthem.
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