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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. I'd say it's the way to go for discovering Janet, it covers almost everything essential in chronological order and it's also great when it comes to single versions / mixes, these are the versions I use for playlists.
    I started with Design of a Decade way back when All for You was released, but it's a bit of a con as it neglected her Janet album due to licensing issues, so it just felt like a mash up of Control and Rhythm Nation with a few new songs and That's the Way Love Goes.
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  2. Design Of A Decade, is so iconic. That run of singles even covering just 86-93, is perfect.
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  3. Design of a Decade is the iconic one though. That artwork alone...
  4. I never saw this one before. Is this a new leak ?

  5. LPT


    Oh wow! Thanks for sharing! When we got it in Sydney, we got jeans and a tshirt.
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  6. Currently playing All For You, and what do you know, yesterday was actually it's 19th birthday! Happy belated birthday to it. Its an interesting album, in that it's very much part of her flawless run of albums from 86-01, and yet quite underrated in comparison too.
  7. That’s pretty much due to her playing it safe and not breaking any new ground with it. It followed previous album templates. Had the divorce with Rene not happened we probably wouldn’t have gotten another Jam and Lewis album from her. Janet pretty much ran back to them after Rene - Rene, who was her creative partner for a number of years. She had announced that The Velvet Rope would be Jimmy and Terry’s swan song just two years prior. She wanted to move on with people like Missy. All that being said, it’s probably her most cohesive album of the 2000s.
  8. Never knew about the the planned split from Jimmy and Terry. Interesting.
  9. Well she got Missy on Son of a Gun in the end. All for You was my first Janet album so it means a lot to me. It's got some career highlights on it.
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  10. All for You is a great album (also my first Janet album) even if there is a small step down from the Control to Velvet Rope run.

    I'm probably the millionth person to say this, but my biggest issue is the string of sex jams so early on. They're not even bad songs - the only one I dislike is Love Scene - but it's a bit much all at once and it does grind (giggle) the album to a halt.

    That said, I like that Janet mixed it up from lumping all the sex jams at the end and I tried the other day to rearrange the tracklist (something I never normally do) but I couldn't place them well without either 1) destroying the narrative of the album's second half 2) placing some or all of them close to Truth, thus placing them alongside another midtempo or 3) just dumping them at the end.

    In short, stream All for You.
  11. I was born in the late late '90s in Romania, so technically I grew up with Rihanna, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, maybe Beyoncé, Christina (yes, believe it or not, "Your Body" was a smash in our country) and Britney. I mean those acts were dominating the radio (among many others various artists because, truth be told, Romania has taste when it comes to music). In spite of that, it feels like I'd always known Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Kylie Minogue, Mariah Carey, Prince, etc. Those big names you simply know and respect. Today, the average 16 year old teen knows that the aforementioned are legends (if they subsequently name more than 1 or, at best, 2 songs is a different story, of course, but the respect is there). But no Janet. Surely, you may say that whatever Janet didn't hit it big in Romania, so what? C'est la vie. Well, my parents know of Janet therefore one must assume her music was being played on the radio in the '90s. I personally believe that when the USA started to vilify and ignore Janet, the entire world (?) started to pay her dust. For reference, I highly doubt Aretha's music was being played in a communist Romania, yet when she died the medias were mourning her death as if she'd had hit after hit over here and the average Romanian was in love with her music. They key is that if USA treats someone like royalty in the media, Romanian medias will also treat them like royalty. And the legacy lives on.

    When I seriously got into music, I started to frequent different music forums. Janet's name would always pop up. People would praise her, would call her a legend. A legend? Do they mean Michael's sister? I was mystified such big names would be associated with ...Michael's sister. I didn't need a forum to know Mariah or Whitney were legends, so in my mind, Janet got labeled as a local legend. But then I found out that artist whom I adore, they all cite Janet as a source of inspiration on their artistry. Right there then I was intrigued. Alright, let me give her a go. I listened to all of her albums (except the first two, don't judge); needless to say I was in shock. Now I stan hard! And when I stan, I do my homework. I read about her accomplishments, about how she pretty much defined the music industry, about how innovative her music was at the time. After having gone through her material, I can now easily see how Britney is more of a a baby Janet, rather than the next Madonna (in terms of music style), for example. But they don't mention it, they make it seem as if Madonna, in particular, birthed every major pop star under the sun. There'd be no X without Madonna. Well, yes, but maybe X wouldn't be X without Janet either. It feels like they're quick to celebrate Mariah, Madonna, Whitney, Michael etc for their accomplishments, but not Janet. I honestly feel as if her music career has low-key been thrown under the rug.

    Of course I got to Nipplegate and I completely understand that's what got her blacklisted. I also know I'm almost two decades late, but I am furious and disgusted. I feel so bad for her, it's like she's built this castle only for it to crumble in the end. It's sad.

    Do you think she'll one day recover and justice will be served? Or is her legacy forever tarnished?
  12. I feel the last five years people have finally woken up to the disgusting treatment Janet had because of Nipplegate, and also karma is slowly coming back to get JT. So, I would say there is a long way to go but things are better.

    Also Unbreakable reached #1 in the US!
  13. As another late-90s baby (I'm British), I'm mystified by Janet's legacy. She's definitely not... known (teebs) among my generation let alone respected. I'm aware she didn't hit it as big here as in the US - a quick Google tells me that she only had twelve top-10s here. But even still, she had over thirty Top 40 hits, and it's just crazy that her popularity has not carried over to 2020 at all. And it's not even like the Super Bowl is well-recognised here (but I guess I would be too young to know how widely Nipplegate was covered over here). Either way, I'm perplexed.
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  14. Janet never really did promo in the UK like Whitney, Mariah, Madonna did, did she?
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  15. I agree, the slow sex songs are actually great songs on their own, China Love and When We Oo are really nice, but the placing is too early in the album run, you literally get 3x bangers in a row and then onto sex? Also, yes, Love Scene is too much, and it really does contribute to that section lasting too long. Christina did the same on Bionic, there's like 4 ballads in a row and Sex for Breakfast.
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  16. With no promotion.
  17. mpl


    She did quite a bit for The Velvet Rope, around Together Again and even Go Deep. Also for All You You (single).
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  18. RainOnFire

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    When I first went through her discography a few years ago, one of the biggest shocks for me personally was realizing how much of her influence was in other pop stars' catalogues that I had just never realized was due to Janet. At this point I'd actually argue that she's had just as much a hand (if not more) as Madonna in creating the female pop star archetype. Similar to you, after going through everything and doing my homework, I was left feeling genuinely sad at how she's been wiped from the face of pop culture. It's so unfair.

    She's collected a lot of legacy awards and accolades over the past few years, including the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, so I think the industry is doing what it needed to do a long time ago. However I think there's still a long way to go before the general public catches up. At least anecdotally, I feel like most people I know boil her entire record-breaking career down to Nipplegate which... there aren't words to describe how angry it makes me. And just in general, I don't feel like I hear any of her songs when I'm out and about in the same way that I still hear Into the Groove, How Will I Know, or Always Be My Baby.
  19. This is so accurate, and doesn't get said enough. For example, someone like Britney clearly takes a lot of creative influence from Janet, yet the comparisons to Madonna are the ones that have always stuck.
  20. Even the name. Number Ones was done on the cheap but it does cover a lot. So many people were releasing compilations in 2009, including Madonna. Reminds me of 1995 - Janet with Design of a Decade and Madonna with Something to Remember.
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