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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.


    I gave him the skinny on how Jimmy and Terry worked with Janet, earned her trust, etc. And how Control was meant to be this big manifesto of self actualization and empowerment and "I am Janet, hear me roar" and all that. We listened, and he wrote down the following:
    • Control
    • Nasty
    • What Have You Done For Me Lately
    • When I Think Of You
    • Let's Wait Awhile
    • Funny How Time Flies
    He said it was just miles ahead of what we'd heard so far, and if I played Control and the previous albums back to back without explanation, he wouldn't think they were the same artist. He said even the stuff that was more "filler" for him kept a consistent good level of quality throughout the album. He heard Nasty and was shocked: "THIS IS THAT SONG??!!" And he also knew a bit of What Have You Done For Me Lately from Sister Act 2. He thought the ballads were a huge improvement on what we'd heard before. He was just so impressed with how much growth occurred since Dream Street. He guessed "3-4 million" in U.S. sales. And he was happy for her because she was able to step out from under her father's influence and out of the shadow of her brothers Michael.

    He's grading the albums on the following scale:

    A - very good
    B - good
    C - average
    D - bad
    F - very bad

    So far his grades are as follows:

    Janet Jackson: C-
    Dream Street - F-
    Control - A-

    We also listened to Diamonds.
  2. I just want to know why he didn’t write down Pleasure Principle. Or You Can Be Mine. And why omit He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive for that matter?
  3. To be sure, I'm also showcasing one video per era so he can get a taste of the visual side of her art. I chose to show him The Pleasure Principle for the Control era. Knowing him, I understand why he gravitated toward certain songs and not others. He's gonna lose his shit when he hears Come Back To Me. And Where Are You Now for that matter.
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  4. Love this repost on Janet's insta. Beautiful. I literally heard Got Til It's Gone for the first time last year, but I already feel like I've known it my whole life!
  5. Her best song. An 11/10 right there.
  6. Not that this is coming as a surprise given current events, but the tour has been postponed. Janet’s team are ‘working towards rescheduling’ which is obviously code for cancelled, ddd.
  7. Source?
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  9. Yeah I’m not sure why that is.
  10. The Janet album was my first proper introduction to Janet's music and it's still my favourite, obviously the singles are all amazing but what does everyone think of Where Are You Now? It's my favourite album track by far.
  11. I love this:

    And this one's a real hidden jem too:

  12. Where Are You Now and New Agenda are as strong as the singles, and that is a massive compliment. It is her masterpiece for me, even if I acknowledge The Velvet Rope's greater depth.
  13. She performed the latter on the State of the World tour, right?
  14. Yep. The video owner won't let me post it on here, but there's a short clip on YouTube of her performing it live in Anaheim in September 2017.
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  15. Janet was THE summer album that summer. I remember being on a beach bar and three iconic women asked for That's The Way Love Goes and they were all dressed like the girls in the very video. I was watching them in awe.
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  16. wait, I have never heard this before! Where did this come from. And who is the guy!?
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